10 Steps Towards A Healthy Skin


We all have drool over the perfect bodies and dazzling skin we see among the celebrities. While a lot of that dazzle has to do with make-up and photography skills, it’ s every woman’s dream to have a clear, fresh, young and smooth skin. Interestingly, the fact is that this is not an impossible dream and with little bit of perseverance and self-discipline, is quite achievable naturally without spending piles of dollars. Here are a few quick tips.

1. Get plenty of sleep

While the amount of sleep an individual needs varies, 7-8 hours is usually considered a good standard. A good night’s sleep is not only a good way to start your day and be productive ahead, it is also good for your skin. Sleep deprivation over a period of time can have major cumulative effects such as dark circles, baggy eyes and even other physiological problems.

2. Cleansing

Cleansing your skin, especially face, first thing in the morning and last thing at night is a very important first step towards a healthy skin. One must use a mild, natural cleanser to get rid of the dirt and also treat it with a mild natural antibacterial such as tea tree oil. This is an important part of your daily routine to keep the skin free of blemishes and acne.

3. Pat dry and toning

It is always better to gently pat dry your face instead of wiping it with a rough touch. You can then apply a toning mist to further cool down the face while the pores gently close as your face now slowly dries up.

4. Moisturize

Depending on one’s particular skin type, one should carefully pick a moisturizer that best suits your skin. Apply in a very small amount all over your face and neck. Some of the moisturizers that contain extracts such as tea oil or lavender are very mild and anti-bacterial at the same time, so are very good for the face.

5. Eat right and stay hydrated

This is also the most important step towards a clear skin. Fresh fruits and vegetables, including lots of greens and food that contain vitamin A and C are considered good. One should also limit the amount of red meat and increase the intake of food that is easier to digest. It is crucial to have plenty of water through the day. 8 glasses is just a minimum, one should again take as much more as one’s body requires since that also depends on a person’s daily physical activity levels.

6. Scrubbing

Every 4-5 days, one must use a face and body scrub to gently massage and remove the dead skin, as well as the toxins. This is a very good habit and if practiced regularly, one is bound to see results. Once again, it is always recommended to use a mild scrub for the face.


7. Face mask

One can use any good face mask weekly, after the use of a face scrub. A rather unconventional one that has recently been tried by a lot of people is the Aspirin face mask, which basically is home-made by crushing asprin tablets and making a water paste.

8. Take steam

Taking face-steam helps in opening of closed pores and one’s skin instantly feels fresh. This is a good practice and can be done easily at home using a steamer or even conventionally by keeping a towel over the head and gently inhale into the steam vent as in rises up your face. Be cautious with the hot steam, as it is easy to get an accidently steam-burn.

9. Take a walk

Benefits of walking of tremendous, and when combined with fresh air, nothing works more magically. Step out into the greens, for a walk, ride or just a relaxing yoga or meditation session. Whatever you choose to do, it helps boost your physiological circuitry and shows in your glowing skin.

10. Fish and fish oil

Fish is good for eyes and skin. If you don’t like eating a lot of fish, you can also take fish oil or cod liver oil supplements. These oils help in eliminating toxins and make your skin look fresh and younger.


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