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10 Ways To Get More Antioxidants Into Your Diet


The beneficial properties of antioxidants have been widely accepted as an ideal component for sustaining good health. Food varieties that contain antioxidants, are recommended by health authorities for cancer prevention, for slowing down aging, for the enhancement of the immune system, increase in energy as well as improvement of health conditions of the heart and other vital organs.

It is however unfortunate that despite of all the information about the health benefits of antioxidants, many people are not putting into their daily diets more fruits and vegetables which are the primary sources of antioxidants. Health and nutrition experts suggest at least 5 servings of  fruits and vegetables daily and having 7-10 servings is more advantageous.

There are 10 easy ways to guide you on how to put loads of antioxidants in your diet:

1.    Breakfast
Make your breakfast tastier and healthier by eating more than just your regular toast. Churning up some strawberries and fresh fruit juice with yogurt into your blender won’t take much of your time as you head on to your early morning rush. You can speedily rush out your door with a healthy cup of three servings of fruits. Tossing a handful of berries into your cereals would also give more glow to your breakfast.

If you really are short of time and need to make a run for in the morning, you can still grab some healthy treats by ordering some fruits and yogurt as your pass through your local shop. A couple of apples and some yogurt parfait will only cost you $2 and couple of servings of antioxidant rich fruits.

2.    Snacks
Another easy way to load more antioxidants into your diet is by simply having a cup of raisins and a bunch of fresh red grapes for snacks. You may try dipping your strawberries in yogurt for a more indulging treat. Baby carrots in hummus dips and a handful of pecans would give you a nice crunch and a heap full of antioxidants.

3.    Lunch and Dinner
One helpful way of improving your overall health and well-being is to beef up your menu by adding a salad to your daily main meal, either lunch or dinner or both. Put more color to your salad greens by tossing in some red pepper, or lots of juicy red tomato slices on the Greek salad and tart cranberries on the field greens. Broccoli salad is best for lunch and you can bring it further by having rice salad with a healthy mixture of fresh string beans, red tomatoes, peppers and red onions.

4.    Dessert
For most people dessert is the most anticipated part of a meal. You can make your sugar rush healthier and filled with antioxidants by having some berries with whipped cream or chocolate.

5.    Beverages
Tea and coffee are rich sources of antioxidants and are the best substitutes for soda. Experience a touch of fine dining by having a glass of wine during dinner and make it more exquisite by pouring in a glass of chai tea.

6.    Think outside the box.
It is common knowledge that we can get lot of antioxidants from berries and salads. Research shows that more potent antioxidants are also found in other food varieties such as russet potatoes, artichokes, and red beans. In fact, beans are known to have more antioxidant compounds than blueberries, so it would be healthier to add some beans into your rice and vegetable salad.

7.    Cook lightly
You feel that you are doing the right thing for your family by serving vegetables every night for dinner. However, if you are serving overcooked vegetables, you are losing a lot of antioxidants in the process. It is best to steam the veggies to retain their color and to have a good crunch rather than having them boiled.

8.    Plant a garden
Research from experts show that those who plant vegetables in their own gardens or yards and harvest fresh produce, tend to eat more fruits and vegetables than those who buy from the grocery or market. It is therefore more practical to grow your own garden and harvest fresh, clean, healthy produce right at your own backyard.

9.    Take your healthy diet on vacation
Most people take their vacations as a chance to get away from everything including healthy eating. Treat your vacation as an opportunity to experience the taste of new kinds of foods. Make it a point to try out some unique vegetable dishes and observe its ingredients and how it was cooked or prepared.

10.    Learn to cook
Cooking is in many ways different from the simply act of opening bags, boxes and packages. It engages in the complex act of scrubbing, peeling and slicing vegetables, preparing whole dishes and recipes, and following the proper steps in cooking. If you are hooked into the habit of buying food from outside everyday or night, you have lesser chances of having sufficient intake on fresh fruits and vegetables that are natural reservoirs of rich and healthy antioxidants.


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