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10 ways to reduce commuting stress – Part 2

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5. Enjoy the ride

When on the road, everyone is in a hurry. Instead of vexing your way through over fellow riders or the long queue on traffic lights, use this time to relax and refresh yourself. Tune into your favorite morning show on FM or that album you grew old listening. The idea is to spend your time pampering your own self as this might also be your only time alone for some of you.

6. Make it a comfortable ride

Chronic backaches have become ever so common. Even for those who are free from this lower back strain, long strenuous hours at the wheel could take a toll on you. It is most important to adjust your seat to your height and a correct posture. It really helps to support your back using cushions or a tucked towel in your lumbar back area. Sitting in one position for longer period of time, tends to put pressure on your spine as it is curved outwards. Also keep adjusting your position every couple of minutes to avoid extra strain in one position, which can often cause numbness in the legs.

7. Hit the gym after work

It might sound impossible at first to be working out after you have had a long tiring day at work, but once you get in, its advantages are more than many. The fitness centre that you have always known to exist in a corner of your office, is the place for you to beat the stress, help you relax and at the same time, beat the evening hours of traffic. We know the bumper-to-bumper traffic gets on everyone’s nerves, an easy way to face it is- “avoid it”. Go for a bite, a yoga class, a gym or anything that helps you relax and before you even know, you would be all set and relaxed to speed your way home. Simple, isn’t it?

8. Take a break

It’s worthwhile to take a day off and get away from the extra pressures. Most companies allow a schedule and flexibility that would let you squeeze in a day or two when you just don’t feel you are up for it. We all deserve one or two of those.

9. Work from home

Many of us, if not all are involved in the kind of jobs that can be done by yourself even at home as effectively as from your cubicle. Ask your manager if you can get one of those days at home. Not only are you saving the precious time in travelling, it also lets you relax and space your work according to your needs. You could also enquire if there is a sister branch or office that might be closer to your home, where you could put in your work hours for some days. The idea is to explore your options and making a choice wisely.

10. Variety and change of habits

An occasional car pool, or a ride in the bus or local train might be advisable to try out every once in a while. If distance is not much, you could also try walking or biking your way to work.

Just making it to the work place every day of your life, is just the half story. What makes it complete is your state of mind, which of course is in your hands. In the age of economy crisis and cutthroat competition, it wont hurt to try a tip or two to help you relax and deal with secondary stressors that comes with the package

Hope you found some great tips to reduce your commuting stress, try a few next time you feel stressed on your drive to work. Here’s hoping for a stress free commute.

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