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7 days or 7 ways: slow and steady wins the race | Part 1


Your 1 Week Program to Stress Management

There are no shortcuts to success, and dealing with stress, is one such daunting task in itself. There are numerous ways that can take the load off your shoulders and make one feel relieved, but you will probably find that the powers of stress are magnetic in itself an it keeps coming back when you least expect it. To deal with stress, you ought to target the roots and slowly move towards your goal to say goodbye to the enigma of Stress.
Stress is a state of mental conditioning that takes a toll on you and can often make you lose your temper, sense of judgment, reasoning, work efficiency and much more. It’s a never-ending cycle that refuses to come to an end and can throw anyone off the edge.
Its all in the mind, there is no doubt about it. And this brain machinery runs differently for each one of us. One cant be blamed for being stressed about a small loss in the share market, if his neighbor sees it as a mere game of numbers. They are infinite variable and a million causes. We can target our mindset rather than finding the cause and running around answering the question “why it has to be so disturbing for me”?
Cutting the long story short, we still need some time to cope with the changes and revert back the trauma a stressed body goes through. Keeping a realistic target of a few days, may be a week, it would be easy to plan your regimen with these 7 basic steps.

1. Getting out of the stage of denial:

Similar to the Kübler-Ross model for the 5 stages of grief, the first step is overcoming the denial stage. Stress can be good sometimes, and acknowledging your fears and anxieties only makes the tackle much easier. Just like a bit of stress before an important exam can help you prepare better, stress can be used positively to push yourself hard in overcoming the crisis situation. The body adapts to the internal as well as external changes each moment, and the signal we provide it from our interpretation of the situation, is what governs how we react to it.

2. Avoid stress precursors and enhancers:
Not only is the identification of a stress source and avoiding it is important, stress can also work like an epidemic depending on the people around you. Before you even know it, you would be a victim yourself in the company of more stressed individuals. The idea is to not be influenced, and limit your contact if needed. You could rather protect them in turn and help yourself by helping them deal with it.

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