Alternate Solutions to Laser Hair Removal


Although, laser hair removal treatment was introduced years ago,  people still don’t accept it as a ideal technique to remove hair on a long term basis. There are a variety of alternatives to this treatment; some based on modern technology while some find their roots in ancient times.
Here are a few alternatives.

Natural Alternatives

Nature has hundreds of hidden secrets  and although natural treatments take time to show effects they are generally safe and much longer lasting.

1-     Sugar Paste

Add a tablespoon of sugar in a same amount of lemon juice. Massage the sugar grains and lemon juice in the opposite direction of hair growth. One the solution is absorbed, take a cotton swab or cloth and rub the skin in opposite direction of hair growth. Wash the skin after 20 minutes.

2-     Cornstarch Paste

Mix equal amounts of cornstarch and water. When it gets a little harder, rub it in the opposite direction of hair growth. It will start reducing hair growth within a month.

Technology Alternatives

1-     Intense Pulsed Light

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is a new technology which throws light beams on the hair follicle and reduces hair growth. However; IPL might not be suitable for everyone. It is also known to have a high cost.

2-     Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a strong competitor to laser hair removal treatment. In electrolysis, a thin metal probe is injected into the skin. The metal probe reaches the hair follicle and passes electric current to the follicle. The hair producing cells are completely destroyed and hair growth is permanently stopped. However; electrolysis is painful and expensive. There are several security concerns related to it as well.

3-     Hair Removal Tools

Several renowned brands produce hair removal tools and equipments. These tools include hair plucking tools (epilators and similar devices) and lotions etc.  After removing the hair from a particular skin area, you apply the lotion generously which prevents hair growth for a short period of time. However, this can be a painful process and since the hair is re-generated, there’re no longer term benefits when compared to laser hair removals.

Other Alternatives of Laser Hair Removal

1-     Shaving

One of the oldest techniques of removing hair. A safe and instant solution. A  common misconception about shaving is that it makes the hair thicker and grows more hair from one follicle. This is not true!

2-     Waxing

An ideal solution to reduce hair growth is waxing the hair. It does not damage the cells like lasers and according to dermatologists, waxing increases hair growth due to increased blood flow in the hair follicle after waxing. However; waxing removes dead skin cells which can make the skin feel smooth and glowing.

3-     Tweezing

Using a little tool to pluck your hair from the root ; this noticeably is very time consuming. Tweezing is also directly linked to hair growth inside the skin. However; tweezing is safe if done properly.

4-     Hair Removal Pads

These pads contain a holder on the back side and sandpaper like material on the inner side. The inner side is gently rubbed on the skin in circular motions. It cuts the hair and scrubs the skin. However; this treatment is effective on thin hair only but adds in a massaging components which can help one improve blood to that area and make the skin look refreshed..

5-     Threading

Another very common technique is plucking the hair with a thread scissor. This method is successful on all types of hair. However; it is painful and might cut the upper layer of the skin.

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  1. Molly

    Best alternative of laser hair removal is waxing. It work great and take longer for hair growth. Those who have sensitive skin care they can’t do shaving.

    March . 03 . 14
  2. greg

    Do you think Lasers are safe?

    March . 03 . 15

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