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Breakup Stress – Tips to avoid it during holidays

There is nothing quite as painful as a breakup. The questions it can raise in your mind, the loneliness of suddenly finding your self alone, the memories of what was…it’s enough to cause anyone stress. While this gets better over time, it can be difficult to deal with in the beginning, especially in those stages that may still require you to think see your ex-partner.

One of the hardest times to deal with the pain of the loss of a relationship is during the holidays, particularly during Christmas, which should be a time of love and sharing with the people you care most about. Doubtlessly, you expected your lover to be there to share in the experience, but you shouldn’t let their absence ruin your holiday cheer. Here are a few tips at beating those breakup blues and enjoying the season of giving:

1. Cleanse. The more you keep around you that remind you of your ex, the harder it will be to forget them. You will have enough trouble keeping them off your mind without holding on to those little trinkets they gave you. So, do yourself a favor and get rid of it; toss it, sell it, pawn it, or if you want to get into the holiday spirit try donating what you can to help give others something special for Christmas.

2. Surround Yourself. Being alone will only give you time to focus on what you would be doing if your boyfriend/girlfriend was still around, so make sure you surround yourself with friends and family. It will give you someone else to focus on, and, besides, that’s what the holidays are for!

3.Get Involved. Charities, events, shopping, volunteering, family gatherings, office parties…the list is long for Christmas festivities that can get you out of your little hole and out for a little socializing. I know that all you want to do is pop in a Dido CD, hug the sweater he/she left behind, and cry yourself to sleep, but it won’t do you any good. Stop moping, and get into the spirit of things!

4). Treat Yourself. You know that color she hated, or that pair of shoes he always said you would be crazy for spending $200 on? Now is the time to celebrate your freedom by spending a little something on a present for yourself. Come on, you deserve it!

Obviously, these aren’t long term solutions. Once the holidays are over, you may find yourself right back to where you were before, crying into your morning coffee as you get over the nausea caused by too much egg-nog consumption. But regardless, getting through the first few weeks is a crucial step, and it only goes up from there.

Ever heard the adage ‘There are plenty of fish in the sea’? Well, there are also plenty of elves in Santa’s workshop, if you get my meaning, so the distractions and general chaos of the holidays can really help to pull you out of yourself for a few days. And if anything else you can take a little vindictive pleasure in knowing they are going through the same stress you are.

Hey, no one said breakups had to be totally healthy, did they?

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