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You would wonder why berries are the favorite snack of black bears. It is something that they can eat all summer long before hibernating during the winter months. Berries are something for humans to benefit from as well.

If there is something that we can learn from the black bears, it is the consumption of berries. There are a wide variety of berries that you can eat. These include raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. It is important to know that berries are endowed with natural sugars. They can also come with delightful flavors. Your taste buds will really love the excellent tasting qualities of berries.

Aside from their great taste, berries are also very healthy for everyone. Scientists and experts have discovered the true advantages of eating berries. These advantages can be used as a great potential for dietary purposes. You will surely have a healthy diet with great tasting berries.

Researchers at Tufts University about a decade ago discovered the most important health benefit that is provided by berries. When they gave berries to older mice, they discovered that berries improved the aging mice physically and mentally. The main contributor to this health boost by berries is the presence of antioxidants. Compared to other food groups, the blueberries that were fed to these rats drastically improved the rats’ abilities just like any younger ones.

Indeed, berries are proven to have anti-aging properties. These are found in the skin pigments of blueberries in particular. These compounds are the ones that provide colors to the ripe berries. With stronger colors, there are higher anti-oxidant content as well. As you well know, anti-oxidants help in fixing cell deteriorating that happens to our bodies each day.

It has likewise been found out that with darker colors, there are a lot more beneficial effects to our bodies. Thus, if we eat at least two-thirds cup of blueberries, it can provide much more anti-oxidant protection than five servings of apples or squash.

Berries have skin pigments that grow darker as they ripen. The pigments will then provide greater defense against heart diseases, cataracts and other eye disease, a few cancers, and infections in the bladder. The anti-oxidant benefits from berries may also help in the degeneration of brain cells caused by aging.

The good news is the benefits from berries are available in all kinds of preparation such as frozen or dried. It does not matter if you eat them fresh as well. You can eat these together with your cereals in the morning. Or you can also prepare a smoothie drink by mixing together berries, other fruits, milk and yogurt. You can find many creative ways to prepare a berry smoothie.

You can find blueberries at any season, especially in North America. Even if fresh berries are unavailable, you can get dried berries anytime. If blueberries in whatever form are not available, then you can have other dark red or purple fruits or berries. Some of these are pomegranates, bilberries, cherries, and black raspberries. There are other Saskatoon’s or service-berries that you can choose as an alternative. All of these kinds of fruits have the same beneficial effects as blueberries.

Knowing all about the benefits of berries, it is best to adopt what the bears have loved doing for a long time. Have berries as often as you can!


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