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The snowflakes and the snowball fight, the holidays and Hallmark cards on a white Christmas. There are many things we love about winter. Some of us even love the natural glow on our faces this time of the year that makes you feel a tad bit more attractive. However, an extreme winter can cause more than just a rosy glow on the cheeks and leave you with a dry and flaky skin…

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Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause drastic changes to your complexion. If you had previously been blessed with clear skin prior to your pregnancy, pimples, acne and other skin rashes might seem unpleasant though some women with acne have reported that their skin have cleared up during pregnancy. Here are some tips to consider to make sure your skin is taken care of during your pregnancy. Do reach out to your primary care physician if your skin conditions worsens…

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Diabetes is a chronic disease in which a patient has sometimes dangerously high levels of circulating sugar in the blood. It often tends to run in families and if one is more aware and cautitous, there are signs and symptoms one can watch out for those are categorized as pre-diabetes…

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Although, laser hair removal treatment was introduced years ago, people still don’t accept it as a ideal technique to remove hair on a long term basis. There are a variety of alternatives to this treatment; some based on modern technology while some find their roots in ancient times…

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In the absence of insulin or its proper action, we are unable to metabolize the sugar in our foods as a result the blood sugar levels rise. While the only treatment medically for diabetes is to give insulin from outside, one can regulate their Diabetes by diet and exercise to a great extent as well…

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Doesn’t matter if you are a model or a professional who wants to look good for a business meeting, or a teenager with a prom coming up, everyone craves for that healthy shiny fuller hair…

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Dandruff is a common problem that affects both men and women. The medical term for this condition is also Seborrheic dermatitis. It is a very common condition of the skin that leads to white flakes or scales on the scalp and few other areas such as inner ear or eyebrows…

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Asthma is a disorder characterized by inflammation of the lungs and the airways. As it causes the airways to swell, it reduces the amount of air that enters as the muscles from the tract usually become tight, thereby causing shortness of breath, bough and even wheezing…

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Hair loss in a natural physiological and chemical process, and it is not always seen as a problem. Typically, an average person loses 10-12% of their hair during a resting phase, which falls out after a few months, making way for new hair to grow…

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