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Asthma is a disorder characterized by inflammation of the lungs and the airways. As it causes the airways to swell, it reduces the amount of air that enters as the muscles from the tract usually become tight, thereby causing shortness of breath, bough and even wheezing…

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Nowadays people are trying to live healthy and this is why, when a problem occurs with their health, they try to fix it in a natural way. And what better way to do this if not the use of natural home remedies. One health problem that can be treated with this type of remedies is asthma.The reason why people want to use natural remedies is because the active substances actually help the body to heal itself, without interfering too much in any specific processes. The chance of suffering from the side effects of these remedies is smaller comparing with the side effects of synthetic substances. Naturally available substances have been used in Aurveda and herbal medicines for centuries to cure asthma and its symptons.But even though they are natural products, this doesn’t mean that they are miracle healers. They too have to be used with precaution and…

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