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The snowflakes and the snowball fight, the holidays and Hallmark cards on a white Christmas. There are many things we love about winter. Some of us even love the natural glow on our faces this time of the year that makes you feel a tad bit more attractive. However, an extreme winter can cause more than just a rosy glow on the cheeks and leave you with a dry and flaky skin…

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Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common problem, especially in the western world. Once gone unchecked, it only becomes more severe with age. It also increases the chances of a person getting a heart attack, complete heart failure or even stroke…

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A massage usually means applying pressure and rubbing with force focusing on some parts of the body, mainly soft tissue as a means to improve circulation, relieve muscular tension or stress. Massage can be of different kinds, focusing on different areas depending on an individual’s preference…

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On a game night, you hit the fridge and grab a beer. Going out for dinner, you order a glass of wine. Have a wedding coming up, you get drunk. Or if its just Friday and you are leaving work, you think you deserve to go out for drinks after a hard long week. Even people who exercise regularly think it is okay to pour in these sugar calories on a regular basis. You may justify as it as you deserving to relax or enjoy a couple of drinks, nothing wrong with that, but one should certainly keep in mind and be aware about everything it can do to you.It has been shown that moderate amounts of alcohol have some advantages, however most of those effects such as those on stamina or on muscle tone, only last for a short while. Looking at the bigger picture, it is not…

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Cholesterol is an important component of cell membranes and has different functions in the human body, however high levels of cholesterol circulating in the blood are harmful and can damage the arteries and lead to many cardiovascular diseases…

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Exhausted from the day and knowing you have an early morning tomorrow, you turn out the lights, flop onto your bed, and close your eyes to go to sleep—but it just won’t come. You toss and turn. You check your alarm clock. You add and remove blankets. Nothing works. Why is getting to sleep so hard…

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Diabetes is a common problem that affects a large number of people and is a complex disorder that has a direct impact on all organs of the human body. Depending on its severity and its management, it is often life threatening or responsible for many co-morbidities such as blindness, sores and infections and even gangrenes that may even lead to limb amputations. Nonetheless, it is extremely important for diabetics to closely monitor their health and lifestyle choices, in order to live a normal healthy life…

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Zumba is a fitness program that has gained tremendous amount of popularity particularly in the last decade among people of all ages. It includes elements of dance and aerobics and is designed around Latin music while the workout or exercise movements are based on salsa, samba, hip-hop etc, even Bollywood and belly dancing…

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“Energy in” being what you eat during a day, and “Energy out” constitutes of the calories you burn in all sorts of creative ways. Walking to your car might be the most strenuous physical activity for most of us, or you might be gloating if you are aware of the fact that digesting the food actually consumes a few calories as well…

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