Be it a tiny needle or a huge din, stressors are plenty in number and widely spread around you! Anything that makes life uncomfortable or unpleasant contributes to stress. It could even be factors like anticipating the results of a certain game, having to focus your attention on a speaker while you are thinking of a holiday, and so on and so forth. Here, it becomes of prime issue that we understand the effect of various degrees of stress in our lives, and managing them to the best of available resources. Let us venture further into classifying the various causes of stress, and understanding them in a way to overcome them.

Internal stressors: Anything that causes stress from within falls into this category. It could be anything of a personal craving, an aim that’s hard to reach, desires or even issues of weight control and dieting! Certain lifestyle choices like consumption of excess caffeine, lack of sleep are also contributors to stress. Furthermore, certain ways of thinking like over-analyzing, pessimism are also found to contribute to internal stress.

External Stressors: Anything that causes stress outside your body or in your environment is an external stressor. External Stressors can range from the physical environment, like noise, pollution, bright lights, excessive heat or cold to social causes like rudeness or aggressiveness; from major life events like a lay off from a job, deaths in the close circle of people to certain daily hassles like travelling or commuting, breakdowns, etc.

Hidden Stressors: These are the stressors that even diagnosis fails to identify; their causes can vary from anything small and trivial to something huge and complex.

Obvious stressors: Certain obvious conditions like deadlines, time constraints, are also contributors to stress, and these cases are obvious, unavoidable and indisputable too!

Automatic Stressors: There are certain factors that the human body itself reacts to, and which the people aren’t aware of either. Such stressors are called automatic stressors, and can be a cause of major concern if not dealt with before it reaches the threshold limits of burn out. There might be situations when even diagnosis fails, and it becomes similar to the hidden stressors.

The bottom line is, understanding the stressors is of prime importance in identifying the problem. Understanding what causes stress is the key to stress management and relief. Effective stress management is possible only after you the initial identification steps have been completed. Further on, various stress management therapies and medicines are available to our benefit, if the case becomes adverse.

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