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Changing your food habits for long lasting weight loss


Introduction: Our sedentary lifestyles have made us prone to obesity and other lifestyle induced diseases. To add salt to the injury, we tend to grab anything which is available. This is because of our fast paced lives we are left with little time to prepare healthy food and eat it leisurely. Thus, we tend to eat fast foods or junk foods such as burgers, pizzas and hot dogs etc. These food items are fried in oil having high cholesterol content and we add calorie rich items like bacon and meat to them, forming a dangerous combination.

Use of calorie rich items in our food: Besides adding the non vegetarian items, we tend to add cream to our pizzas. We eat a lot of pancakes, cookies and other such items. All these items come loaded with hundreds of calories. If we don’t combine such eating habits with proper physical exercise, we are sure to deposit a lot of them in our bodies and thus, become fat.

Alcohol and other carbonated drinks: Carbonated beverages have high sugar content. Besides being rich in sugars, these drinks tend to induce thirst pangs, fuelling need for more drinking of such beverages. Thus, when we are drinking such beverages, we are actually stuffing ourselves with more sugar only to end up drinking more of such beverages instead of quenching our thirst.

Apart from them, all forms of alcohol are rich in maltose, a form of sugar. However, there are certain light beers which have far less calories than other forms of alcohol. Thus, it is advised to consume such drinks in as small quantity as possible. Instead of them, consume more amounts of pure water, coconut water, green tea etc which besides quenching thirst, help the body in various ways without loading it with calories.

Various spices such as hot pepper can be added to our diet in order to speed up the metabolism. Potato is rich in calories, even if you want to eat it, instead of combining it with butter, you can go for chilies. Olive oil is versatile oil that has numerous advantages besides aiding in weight loss. You can replace other high cholesterol oils with it so as to reduce the amount of bad cholesterols in your food.

You can also include soy products in your diet, though in moderate amount. This is because soy products have high protein content but limited amount of fats and carbohydrates. In fact, many low carbohydrate diets such as South Beach diet advocate use of soy products such as soy flour, soy milk, soy cookies etc in larger amounts.

Many people tend to consume food while walking or driving which doesn’t aid in digestion. Instead, you need to sit back, chew your food leisurely taking only a small amount of time and take some time before starting for your office. Diet experts advise that you need to consume heavy breakfast, though not by stuffing yourself with calories, lighter lunch and even lighter dinner with some light snacks in between the meals.

Do you have any food habits that help you with your weight loss? Do share it with us using the comments section below.


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