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Christmas Stress – Relief Is Available

Christmas – a perfect time to get together with family, feast and celebrate. Some celebrate it as a secular holiday and celebrate their family. Others celebrate the Winter Solstice. Many just see it as a family gathering where you get to see everyone together. Unfortunately, all of this brings a sense of dread to many people. Holiday time is attributed to be one of the leading causes of stress in certain individuals. Don’t let stress ruin your vacation. Here are some suggestions on how to give you holiday and Christmas stress relief.

Stop the Comparisons

Many people try their hardest to recreate the holidays using movies, books or childhood memories as blueprints. This is the biggest cause of Christmas stress. Relief is simple – stop trying to compete! You are not obliged to be perfect; just do the best you can with what you have. There are thousands of things that can go wrong, but you must not let these things bother you. Having a happy, comfortable time is more important than decorations, gifts or the perfect gift wrap pattern!

Do Not Give Pets as Presents

This will give a lot of Christmas stress relief to you and your animal companions. Christmas can be a loud, unpredictable, messy time. Part of the fun is that you do things you don’t do everyday and this lack of routine can frighten an animal. Also, picking a pet is like a picking a marriage partner – do you really want someone else matchmaking for you? If the puppy or kitten at Christmas doesn’t get along with the intended owner, that animal will most likely have to be given to a shelter by Easter. You and the animals don’t need the stress of sad memories. Moreover holiday time is very busy for many people, having additional responsibility of taking care of a pet can add to their stress relief as well. If you are so sure about gifting a pet, take the future owner with you shopping. This will be a benefit to everyone involved, not to mention quality time being spent with your loved one for whom you are buying this gift.

Change the Date

There is no law that says you and your family HAVE to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day. If you have family members who work in retail stores, food service or in the airline industry, they will be too exhausted to celebrate. If you feel you and your family are too pressed for time, just choose to have Christmas on another day. Seriously think about having it in January if the majority of family members have to work overtime during Christmas. Stress relief is worth the breaking of tradition. Moreover its far better to celebrate Christmas on another date with your entire family present, rather than on Christmas day with barely a few. This would further reduce your stress levels by not having to coordinate if everyone can be present on Christmas or not.

Do Not Shop at Stores

If shopping is your biggest cause of Christmas stress, relief comes in the form of mail-order catalogs and online shopping. Sometimes, for a small fee, you can even get the presents gift wrapped. There is the slight chance that the package won’t arrive in time, but that chance is a lot smaller than fighting traffic, squeezing between irritated strangers to find the shop is out of stock. Some people love being given a wrapped catalog under the tree with a note attached saying “One item on me!”. This is obviously easy and lot less time consuming, which you could rather spend doing something less stressful than trying to figure out if your mom will like the new curtains you picked out for her, or if your dad will actually use the new golf set you bought.

Leave your work at work

It’s the holiday, take time to sit back and relax. Fretting about that big project you have when you get back to work will just ruin your Christmas. Also try not to bring work home, working and replying to emails, when your entire family is out in the living room singing carols can not only be stressful, but it can also lead you to do a half-hearted work. Give yourself a few days completely off, and just enjoy the vacation with your family and loved ones. Work will always be there the following Monday.

Spend Christmas with your family and friends.

Lot of people are lonely, especially during this holiday season. Don’t let loneliness be a cause for stress. Make sure you are surrounded by people you love. Be it friends or family or both.

When you realize that the holidays aren’t about how to celebrate them, but that you celebrate them at all, Christmas stress relief just comes natural. Merry Christmas everyone and here’s hoping that this Christmas will be absolutely stress free.

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