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Dining Out Guide for the Health Conscious Eater


Dining out should be an enjoyable experience even if you are watching your diet. It is a fact that as much as 1,000 calories are provided by an average fare at any restaurant. Without breaking your diet, you can still eat out by taking note of some important guidelines.

First, do not have an appetizer. As compared to the main course, some appetizers may contain more calories and more fat than expected. Most appetizers that are offered by restaurants are either fried or come with sauces. These can lead to an increase in saturated fat, trans fats and calories in your system. In other words, appetizers should be avoided, as it is an unessential part of your restaurant meal.

Second, order a salad. It is considered as the healthiest meal that you can order in a restaurant. Aside from getting a healthy meal, a salad provides antioxidants and helps in sating your appetite for more food. To have a more healthy salad meal, you can request the server to take out the croutons and cheese. Removing these will lessen the calories you will take in. Dressings should also be approached more prudently. Avoid dressings that have cream as base and simple order the ones with vinegar only. Choosing vinegar and olive oil results to more healthy meal that leads to be healthy heart.

Third, choose the perfect entree. It is best to get ones, which are broiled and grilled. Do not choose the fried meals as trans fats are most likely be in this food. You can then avoid the calories and more fats. What you can also do is to get twice the amount of vegetables together with the entree you choose. It is a well-known fact that we need between 7-9 servings coming from fruits and vegetables. But most Americans do not reach these servings.

Do not order a meal that contains more starch than needed. Otherwise, you will end up getting less calories and carbohydrates. What is needed is to get tomato-based sauces, as these are healthier than cream-based ones. One final way of getting too much calorie servings is to request for a separate dish containing the sauce.

Fourth, consider getting a healthier drink with the meal. It is best not to get an alcoholic drink, as these will lessen the caloric intake. Simply order an iced tea that has been sweetened with honey, a diet cola, or just water with lemon. You will save a lot of calories by getting these healthy alternatives.

Fifth, choose the right dessert. At the end of the meal, you can still indulge in a healthy desert such as low crab cheesecake, which is offered in most restaurants nowadays. You can still enjoy having a dessert while watching your diet. If the low calorie desserts are not offered, then you can just order for a cup of coffee with skim milk on it.

Finally, lessen the portions of your food. With most restaurants now serving a hefty portion of food, it is best not to be pressured to eat everything on your plate. You can simply set aside a portion of the meal that you will not eat and just have it wrapped to-go. Just do this before you start your meal so there will be no temptation to eat more than you need.

Take into heart all these simple tips to have a healthier way of dining out. You will then surely enjoy the benefits of sticking with your healthy eating plan.


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    I agree… green tea will give you energy.. it is like whole wheat bread compared to the analogy of coffee.. green tea is just the best legal energy booster 🙂

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