Easy steps to healthy chic hair


Doesn’t matter if you are a model or a professional who wants to look good for a business meeting, or a teenager with a prom coming up, everyone craves for that healthy shiny fuller hair, and few have a clue on how to get there. Here are a few common sense rules that we often ignore but are very critical for that perfect hair you have always yearned for:

1. Eat well and stay hydrated. Your body and your hair is a reflection of your diet. If you have a balanced diet, and take the required vitamins and other nutrients, along with sufficient water and drinks, it automatically helps in giving your hair a rich look.

2. Shampoo thoroughly: Make sure you identify the kind of hair you have and try to nurture it accordingly. Colored or chemically treated hair often requires special care. Take some time to do your research and pick your shampoo accordingly. Also try to spend some time massaging and rinsing the scalp well, every time you shampoo your hair.

3. Deep conditioning: Using conditioners usually brings that extra shine and smoothness in your hair. They also reduce the frizz and the hairs tend to be silky and smooth. Again, take some time to find the right conditioner for your hair, then massage it well and leave it to get absorbed in your soaked hair for a few minutes. As you wash that conditioner off, you will notice an instant improvement in texture just after a single use.

4. Hair drying, not heating: It is often recommended to avoid excess use of blow dryers as they can overheat the hair if not used properly. Make sure you use the dryer all over evenly not focusing on one area for too long. Even better would be to use the cool shot option that is available in most blow dryers.

5. Serum treatment: After you wash and condition your hair, gently apply the serum on your hair locks in the outward direction, from roots to the tips. Serum treatment helps in smoothening of hair, relaxing them and reducing the frizz. There are many options available today in the market; you can choose the right one in consultation with your hair salon or a dermatologist.

6. Combing: Comb your hair thoroughly focusing on each section in parts. This helps in spreading the applied serum evenly and also increases the circulation in the scalp which is good for the hair.

6. Hair straigthners or curlers: If you use straightner and curling irons regularly in the hair, be extra cautious to get the right one. Many cheaper products that are available are not the best quality ones and can burn or damage your hair. They are definitely not worth saving a few bucks. While some of them may not get hot enough, some might get too hot and burn the hair. Prefer using glass or ceramic heating plates for straightners, and the ones that come with different settings for the temperature. Ceramic plates are smooth and also help release the static electricity from the hair, giving a smoother straighter look.


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