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Effective approaches to managing stress

Keeping in mind that stress can basically be seen as a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize, we can venture into various ways in which stress management can be made easy. The most common and most effective approaches to managing stress are illustrated further…

o The “Action Oriented” Approach: It is most suitable when you have the upper hand in the situation, the power in the situation. It has been observed to be one of the best and rewarding ways to manage stress. A few action-oriented approaches to beating stress include –

o Cope with the Stress of Work Overload
o Survive the Stress of Problem Jobs
o Deal With Problem People
o Manage Environmental Stress
o Manage Performance Stress
o Avoid Burnout

o The Emotionally Oriented Approach: Researchers have found this approach to be one of the most subtle, yet most effective ways to combat stress. However, they are less effective than the action oriented approaches, as in the stress situations might recur time and again when dealt with in this way. The reason why it proves to be effective is it follows the principle defined “If you do not have the power to change a situation, then you may be able to reduce stress by changing the way you look at it”. In short, it is nothing but playing mind games with our own self.

o Acceptance Oriented Approach: These are the last resort, and in particular, most effective in situations we have no control over. It all boils down to having so little power in a situation that the best one can do is to survive it! Accepting one’s lack of power is the first step in such scenarios. Later on, relaxation techniques, distractions and the like come into play.

Of what are understood as the popular ways to manage stress; while the action-oriented techniques help us to manage the demands upon us and increase the resources we can mobilize; the emotionally oriented techniques help us to adjust our perceptions of the situation; and the acceptance-oriented techniques help us survive the situations that we genuinely cannot change!

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