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Effectiveness of various weight loss diet plans


These days, every obese or overweight individual is going for one or the other weight loss diet in order to lose weight quickly. Moreover, individuals of certain professions such as fashion, acting and airlines need to maintain sleek bodies so as to look presentable to others. They too, consume such food items which help them to lose weight quickly.

In the recent times, we have also seen an increase in popularity of certain diets such as Atkins diet, South Beach Diet, Mediterranean Diet etc. Each of these diets has different advantages and disadvantages as compared to other diet plans. Moreover, many individuals such as teenaged girls tend to follow crash diet in which they restrict intake of food to look slim. Below are presented some characteristics of each diet plan with its effectiveness.

1. Crash Diet: Many times, individuals tend to stop consuming healthy food products such as fruits, vegetables etc due to the fear of putting on weight. This tendency is most prevalent in the teenaged girls who restrict themselves from eating anything. Some of them even induce vomiting by putting their fingers down their throat from mouth. Thus, they may remove anything that they would have just eaten.

As per the experts this behavior sets in due to peer pressure, imitation of favorite actors or models etc. They tend to compete among themselves to look slimmer or to prevent themselves from getting bullied by others. Further, glamorization of slim bodies by various movies and TV serials leads the youngsters to imitate the models and actors to try and have sleek bodies as well.

However, such eating habits tend to deprive the body from essential nutrients. This results in deficiency of such nutrients and disruption of various body processes. For example Vitamin C is needed by the body for catalyzing processes such as reduction of oxidants, absorption and transportation of other nutrients and healthy functioning of gums. If the individual stops consuming food items rich in Vitamin C, scurvy may set in leading to numerous problems, including pale look and blood in gums.

2. Special diets: In the recent times, special diets such as Atkins diet and South Beach diet etc have become popular. This is mainly because of their ability to restrict consumption of carbohydrates and fats. Thus, the body starts utilizing the fats and carbohydrates already stored and this leads to reduction in weight. However, there are certain disadvantages of these diets.

The Atkins diet restricts intake of carbohydrates. Although it delivers the intended results by helping in reduction of weight, it becomes counter productive at certain times. This is because reduction in carbohydrates may result in onset of ketosis which is the condition of excess ketones in the body. This is because carbohydrates help in the digestion of ketones and if these are in excess, they tend to interfere in functioning of the kidneys. Further, the South Beach diet can result in disruption of electrolyte balance of the body as it leads to loss of water from the body.

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  1. James D

    I have always noted that crash diets often remove only ‘water weight’ and its bound to come back again in some time.
    Instead of that, you need to figure out your metabolism and eat foods that help your body burn fat.

    June . 06 . 10
  2. Vanda Economy

    Beautiful site, I must read this really slow. People should never forget the importance of a intelligent life. And from time to time a healthy eating plan cannot do such bad, just try it.

    June . 06 . 10
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