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Hair Fall During Pregnancy and How to Prevent it!


            Stretch marks, dark discoloration of the skin, weight gain, and hair fall – these are some of “the ugly truth” about pregnancy. Only a few women are very lucky to experience a glow during their pregnancy, but don’t be jealous since it’s perfectly normal. And once you see this little bundle of joy you carry in with you for 9 months, everything will be worth it.

Hair Fall During Pregnancy: What Causes it?

            Blame it on the hormones! Several hormonal changes occur all throughout the gestational stage. And according to research, the culprit to the loss of your crowning glory is the increased level of progesterone. Progesterone is a female hormone that is produced in the ovaries. It works together with estrogen in regulating the reproductive system. Dryness of hair that can lead to falling out is due to the elevated progesterone levels.

            But don’t stress yourself too much because hair fall during pregnancy is uncommon. And another good news is, it’s guaranteed that your natural beautiful strands will come back to its normal state 3 months after your pregnancy.

Hair Fall During Pregnancy: Is there a Way to Prevent it?

            Although we cannot disrupt the hormonal cycle, there are still ways to prevent your locks from falling.

            One hundred brush strokes a day is a total myth. Frequent brushing or combing can cause split ends and hair fall. If you’re not planning to go out of the house, maybe once or twice a day is enough. Dry roots are easily breakable leaving your strands to fall on the floor. Avoid cornrows, pigtails, and braids for it can add trauma to the roots of your hair.

            Frequent washing of hair can also lead to hair fall. According to hair experts, it’s not really advisable to wash your hair on a daily basis for it can cause dryness and loses its natural shine. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo every other day and stay away from too much conditioner. Although warm showers are very relaxing, try to use cold water on your head. After taking a shower, avoid using fine tooth combs. If you must use a hair dryer or other heating devices, as much as possible use it in a cool setting.

            Never undergo to any hair treatment while your pregnant such as perm, rebond, dye, etc. It contains chemicals that are harmful to your hair and to your unborn baby.

            Have a healthy diet with plenty of vitamin C to strengthen the roots of your hair and to bring back its glow. Increase your intake with foods rich in flovonoids and antioxidants to promote hair regeneration.

            Don’t experiment with anti-hair loss product for it might worsen the situation. If you feel that you have a history of hair loss prior to your pregnancy, it’s better to consult your obstetrician and dermatologist. Don’t let this condition affect your pregnancy. Bear in mind that this is a totally normal and temporary situation. Just divert your attention to other stuff like baby shopping!

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