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Healthy Tips for the working mom.


We all know how hectic being a mom is, the amount of work, the busy schedules, constant work, and unstopping responsibilities. It is very easy to lose track of healthy habits. So here’s a list of top things you can do to keep up your health levels. – Be organized and eliminate your time-wasters- Imaging getting an extra hour at the end of the day, for relaxation or a short nap. It is possible to gain that hour by being organized. Does it take you 5 minutes to find your keys or another 5 to find your wallet? Finding a matching pair of shoes, or your watch, all these times add up. How about being organized about them? Why now find these small things that waste your time and eliminate them. Keep your keys at a specific location, if you constantly forget things at the store, make a list. Use a smartphone to help you organize. Use technology to share calendars to share and update events with your family. Lot of parents have told me the advantage of having a shared calendar, put your kids soccer practice, pick up times everything on it. See how much time you can potentially save and work towards achieving them.
– Take a few minutes between tasks to relax, maybe catch a quick show on TV, read a book, eat a healthy snack or a fruit.

– At work, switch hours a little bit to save time in traffic. If you could save 10 minutes a day by going to work a half hour late, isn’t that added time you spend with family? Try it.
– Keep healthy snacks in your car. A granola bar and an apple in your car will save a trip to Mc Donald’s when your kids are hungry after a tiring day.
– Make chores fun; How about hiding clues in your messy house , so instead of a chore for cleaning up the house, make it an interesting treasure hunt for your kids. Not only is this fun and adds in to the family time it also makes a family closer by being more involved in chores rather than a supermom in the family.
– Keep time daily for your better half and make sure you spend quality time together.
– Keep work at work, it will be very stressful if you bring work home. If you indeed have to work at home, make sure you have some help with the other chores. Doing everything yourself will not be good for you in the long run.

Have a perfect balance in your life of all things, work, family, marriage, kids, friends, and your own personal time.
Do you have any tips for making a working mom life more healthy, do share with everyone using the comments link below.



  1. Angela

    Loved the post. These tips surely sound fun, and definitely worth a try.

    June . 06 . 10
  2. Donovan Cuizon

    Great article! I used to be also fat as…..i don’t know to what to compare,however when i handed 300pounds(!) i decided to take of at the very least a hundred pounds-i managed to take 104 of -in short time, however i payed with melancholy and a number of other health problems(tachycardia was bad!),it doesn’t matter what concerns one may have when fat, it might probably get worse with out proper plan, proved additives,tablets, and sensible goal , these are key ingredient’s for long run fat loss

    June . 06 . 10

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