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Holiday Stress | and ways to eliminate it.

Does the thought of the holiday season bring more stress than joy to you? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of work you would have to do to make the holiday season perfect for your family. Do you feel that your family members aren’t pulling their weight as much as you are? Well you are not alone! Each year millions of people are overstressed because of the holidays. Be it the prospect of the amount of work to be done, what to shop for your loved ones, the thought of adding on weight because of the mouth watering holiday food or even mailing the cards.
There’s obviously not one simple thing you can do to totally eliminate holiday stress from your life but following a few simple steps can go a long way in making Christmas and New years totally stress free.

If you are entertaining guests remember, perfection is just in the head, neither your family nor your friends care how clean your house is. Spending 3 hours a day to clean up your house is just time away from your loved ones. Worrying if your Christmas tree is not postcard perfect is another stressful factor. Just ask yourself this, what would you remember 10 years from now? How amazing your Christmas tree looks, or the 2 hours you spent with your loved ones decorating it. Just take it easy, and leave the cleanups for the next year. Remember the holiday decorations you see in magazines is done by 100’s of set designers. Do not compare!

If you need help around the house, why not start by delegating tasks to people around you. This will reduce the overall pressure on you and get things done at the same time. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your husband to sit and watch TV all day. Let him do the last minute groceries or gift buying.

If you are working over the holiday season, remember to have strict schedules. For example, have a very simple timetable. When working,don’t let the holidays disturb you and when you aren’t working, don’t let work get in on the fun. If you have to keep 4 hours a day to work, do that. Whatever you are doing, put in 100% of your concentration into it. This will ensure that you have fun and get done with your work and most of it lesser stress because of work.

If you are stressed because you aren’t with your family or loved ones. Or if you are missing that special someone in your life then remember this simple advice, if you stress too much about what you are missing from your life, you might miss the great things you do have. So instead of worrying about how you aren’t with you loved ones, why not have the best holiday with the people who are around you. Why not throw a party for all your friends who aren’t with family?

A few other things to consider to prevent being over stressed
– Eat cautiously, eat smaller portions of food. Holidays are a great time to put on those few extra pounds, which is why “losing weight” is the top new year resolution. Instead this year, why don’t you consider eating less and losing weight?
– If shopping for gifts makes you crazy, then just sit back and shop online. Sites like amazon and ebay have great deals and they will definitely deliver before Christmas.
– If you are cooking for family, remove one dish from your planned menu, no one would notice or know the difference, and it will barely hamper the feast. But it would help relieve a bit of stress.

Remember this is the longest holiday you get each year, don’t let the holiday stress you out, instead use this time to relax, enjoy and have a great holiday.

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