Since the good old days, we have been associating holidays to a fun filled time with our nearest and dearest.

For some it may be still the same, but for many, holidays don’t come as a stress buster. Instead they contribute towards their already stressful life. But why have the holidays lost the charm and refreshment? Why do we suddenly have to talk about holiday stress? Why do we suddenly want to run way from something that we want very badly-we crave to have a break from our mundane and monotonous routine but when get holidays we feel stressed. But its not an inborn defect that holidays have but the stress is a bi product of our attitude towards the situation we are in. Do we want to be and remain upset or get over it? We need to look and probe at all the possibilities and not the restrictions.

The season of holidays has just begun and we either are capsized or at the verge of breaking. But what is stress and why is it poking its ugly face and ruining our holidays? Well! A person feels stressed when he fails to achieve a certain thing or finds himself incapable to respond appropriately. Holiday season revolves around 4Fs-Fantasies, family, finances and food.

The media give a world of fantasies to live and we tend to get engrossed in it. We sort of overload ourselves and in the process get out of touch with reality. This over expectation without a certain cause pulls us down in our thoughts; we think ourselves as failures and away hence drift. So the best option of managing it is accepting it as a friction. Just embrace it and not cling to it, we need to discover a blend of magical realism that helps us in balancing love, work and play.

With holidays, comes the family gathering which, believe it or not, is a cause of stress for some. Thus is because we are no longer mingling with a feeling of love and affection but have turned it into a competitive arena with sibling rivalries, desire to be the best and the urge to get recognized. Though its something in which you are not the only player, but you don’t have the responsibility to change everybody. If you think you are here for a reunion and not a competition, then let it be. You are not a competition anymore and hence no stress, right?

Festive season means dwindling finances. And as Russian novelist, Dostoyevsky said, “Consciousness is depression,” this monetary consciousness heightens the stress level. Overspending on gifts, travel, food and entertainment can cause stress as we may try to please everyone. And these efforts leave us with a feeling of hopelessness, sadness and helplessness.
So it’s good to take a practical approach rather than fighting with a financial crisis later. Presents are good but keep in mind presence comes before presents.

In the holidays, we are surrounded by sweets and treats which are not energy giving and makes us feel lethargic. When our bodies are not operating at peak efficiencies we feel stressed. As Gilles Khouri, nutritionist recommends, “Reprogram your thinking. Don’t think if some is good more is better.” Hence, keep it simple-eat an apple instead of a piece of an apple pie. Enjoy the people instead of the food.

You need to cope with stress and the best way is to be realistic and set your differences aside. Try to accept what is going around and avoid the urge to change everything around. Stick to your budget and go by the plans. Take a breather for yourself to relax and mediate and follow the path of healthy habits. You need to accept that failures and find ways to resolve. Don’t try to seek perfection and you would start enjoying. Last but not the least, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to seek professional help.
Now is the time to prevent holiday stress and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

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