Asthma can be cured with the right natural home remedies


Nowadays people are trying to live healthy and this is why, when a problem occurs with their health, they try to fix it in a natural way. And what better way to do this if not the use of natural home remedies. One health problem that can be treated with this type of remedies is asthma.

The reason why people want to use natural remedies is because the active substances actually help the body to heal itself, without interfering too much in any specific processes. The chance of suffering from the side effects of these remedies is smaller comparing with the side effects of synthetic substances. Naturally available substances have been used in Aurveda and herbal medicines for centuries to cure asthma and its symptons.

But even though they are natural products, this doesn’t mean that they are miracle healers. They too have to be used with precaution and after discussing with your primary care physician. Before using any type of product is good to be well informed and to know what to expect from it and this information can be found out from the doctor or the pharmacist.

In this article we are going to present you the most well known natural remedies for asthma.

One of these famous remedies is the pineapple. If we want to know how a certain fruit has such miraculous healing potential, we need to know what the substance is that acts on our body in order to make it feel better.
In pineapple this substance is called bromelain which has an effect on the ability of our organism to absorb another substance, called quercetin. The second one enters in the category of antihistamine substances, an important class for the fight against inflammation.

Not only the substances found in pineapple aids our body to fight against inflammation, but the substances found in the organism of coldwater fish. Everybody has heard about omega 3 fatty acids and their benefit effect on our body. Well, these coldwater fishes contain this type of fatty acids. The role of these substances is to improve a certain volume of the lungs, part of the specific capacities and volumes measured to determine if the lungs function properly.

Another natural remedy against asthma is found in licorice and the substance is called glycyrrhizin. The most important effect that a treatment against asthma has to have is the anti-inflammatory effect. But, even though glycyrrhizin helps in calming down the symptoms of asthma, it also can have side effects, like increasing the pressure of the blood. Using this should be done only after consulting with your primary care physician.

Another natural remedy is Ginkgo Biloba. This was known until now for its effects on the circulation of the blood and the improvement of the brain functions. Lately, it was found that Ginkgo Biloba also has a positive effect on patients with asthma. This is because it has an anti-inflammatory effect and it can be used by young children too, and not just by adults.

A well known remedy against stress is the Bach Flower. But now, the substances contained in this are used also for calming down the symptoms of asthma. It is believed that there is a connection between stress and asthma. Asthma crises are occurring more often if that person is under a lot of stress.

So by eliminating stress and calming the body, asthma symptoms can almost disappear. A beverage can be prepared with water and a few drops of flower extract. This is generally recommended to be consumed four times a day.

We have presented only some of the natural remedies against asthma. There are a lot of other options, but consult your doctor before using any of these treatments.


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