Oral Hygiene

How does one avoid tooth decay and cavities?


Sitting in a dentist’s chair is a nightmare, and how to avoid that may be a million dollar question. The obvious answer would be proper maintenance and a good dental hygiene. Diet plays a major role in that as well. Very few people realize the importance of a good oral hygiene before it is too late. Some of them go to the extent of buying the most expensive toothpaste or the most fancy mouthwash or other products that are loaded with fluoride, hoping to do the trick. If you start early and know what to do, avoiding cavities and other tooth problems is not that complicated. With a firm toothbrush in hand, a good diet consisting of green vegetables and some iodized sea salt is the first step towards sparkling and healthy teeth.

Bacteria make their way in our mouths constantly, which grow and multiply under acidic environments in the mouth. This can be accelerated by the consumption of acid forming foods. High protein foods such as pulses, beans, seeds and nuts lead to increased acidity in the blood stream. In order to neutralize that, calcium is constantly lost from the bones leading to weak bones and the acid in the mouth leads to cavities and decay. The solution would be to balance such food with others such as green vegetables to balance out the acidic effect. Other alternate protein sources, which are not as acidic, include olives, avocadoes, coconut and root vegetables. Sugar and honey are also one of the top causes of oral cavities. Foods rich in phosphorus and potassium also leads to depletion of calcium from the bones, thus causing tooth decay.

Few simple ways to clean your teeth are as follows:

1. Saline water mouthwash and rinsing

2. Using a firm brush and start your day by brushing your teeth in a circular motion, taking up each tooth one by one and moving forward. Do not neglect the gaps (if any) and the back of the teeth.

3. Re-rinse with saline water

4. Gently massage your teeth one by one, making sure not to miss any.

5. Re-rinse

6. Next, gently massage the gums, this helps in cleaning up for leftover food debris and also for strengthening your teeth and gums.

7. Rinse with water

8. Massage the palate and the tonsils area.

9. Final rinse of the mouth.

There is scientific literature to support that ethnic groups that lack high protein in their diet, become susceptible to teeth decay when exposed to a protein rich diet that includes nuts and grains etc. Therefore, a balanced diet constituting of green vegetables, fruits and some protein would be complete and also aid in fighting tooth decay. It is also crucial to have regular dental checkups and not wait for visible decay or pain to show up. It’s better to catch the trouble now than later making it more painful and laborious to deal with. Be simple and smart and fighting tooth decay is not as hard.


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