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How to correct your posture


Do you remember your parents repeatedly telling you to sit straight, or stand upright when you were a child? At that time, I’m sure you often ignored their commands, as you didn’t quite knew the importance of having a good posture, while your parents did! In fact, having a proper posture is very important when it comes to being confident and free of various health problems. You’re said to have a good posture only if you can sit, stand, walk or drive with a properly aligned and balanced body. So, if you feel you don’t have a good posture, and wish to correct it, this article will help you in all aspects.

The first step in correcting you posture is realizing that you have a bad posture. The best way to that is by asking one of your friends to click some pictures of you, most preferably from the front, behind, and the side. This will help you find out if you have a bad posture. If you’re not able to maintain all or any one of the following positions properly, think that you have a bad posture.

Neck and head are aligned with your torso.

Forehead isn’t into the room before your chest.

Back is in the vertical position.

Both your hand are equally down.

Both your hips are equally leveled.


To have a proper posture, you must be able to balance your body at the first place. For this, stand in a doorway and adjust your posture there. Lift one leg considering the knee as the pivot such that your thigh is collateral to the floor. Maintain this position for 20 seconds and then switch the position of your legs. Swinging your arms, or twisting your body to balance your position will never let you get what you want. So, avoid such actions. If you feel that you’re not being able to hold the position, grip the doorway to balance. If you continue this for a few weeks or so, you’ll be able to keep the position for a longer time. This technique will help you balance your body.


Support your heels touching the wall and move another foot 10 inches away from the wall. Rest your body such that your back and buttocks are in contact with the wall. Then, force your head to touch the wall. While forcing your head to touch the wall, do not tilt your chin up; this won’t help you. Hold this position for next 20 seconds. This exercise, if regularly done, will help you correct your poor alignment.

Aligning while movement

A balance ball is the best instrument through which you can practice aligning your body while moving. To practice this, sit on a balance ball keeping your knees at a 900 angle. Now, without moving your knees, torso or head, move your pelvis such that it makes the ball rotate in circles. Do no rush! Do this in a slow motion. Try making 3 circles towards the left followed by 3 circles towards to the right. This will train overall muscles of your body and will help you move with a properly aligned body.

So, these were some of the best ways to correct your overall body posture. What you just need is a few minutes of intense dedication in following the above procedures correctly.

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