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How to lose weight without giving up what you like


It’s a common misconception that in order to lose weight you need to give up all of your favorite foods and suffer constant feelings of hunger. Trying to lose weight like this will take every last drop of your willpower and as soon as you have a bad day, you will start struggling to carry on. Of course, you may prevail, but most of the times, you’ll just go back to the old habits. Don’t despair, though, it is possible to lose weight without losing the plot, just follow the tips below.

Alter Your Thinking. Telling yourself you are going on a diet is like telling yourself you are about to be deprived. This feeling of deprivation leads to negative thought patterns and the whole diet can feel depressing. Instead, tell yourself nothing is off-limits; you are just going to be eating healthily from now on. It is important to let yourself know that you always have a choice and can always eat whatever you want, but you choose not to in order to become more fit, lose weight or do another thing that you want. The feeling of freedom itself is enough. Once you realize you can still eat out and enjoy treats, it won’t feel like such a hard slog.

Focus On Enjoying Your Food. You should still be able to eat most of the meals you enjoy. Instead of focusing on eating food because you’re hungry or because you’re eager to get back to whatever you were doing before, take the time to actually enjoy the food you’re eating. Eat slowly, and feel every single of the various tastes of the food. This can make the experience more enjoyable while giving your stomach time to process the food and get rid of the acute feeling of hunger.

Experiment with food swaps. You could also try to add low fat yogurt to that dish instead of cream and still get the same consistency. The trick is to revisit the recipe and make it healthier than before. Reduce the volume of high calorie items on your plate and add more vegetables to close the gap. Swap anything with fat – products like cheese or milk – for a lower fat variety. There are a lot of healthier or less fatty ingredients that can be used as alternatives in most foods, without you feeling the difference in taste.

If you’re going on a diet, you really don’t have to torture yourself. It can be done in a soft and easy way if you use the right approach. Use the advice in this article to start losing weight, felling good and enjoying all the foods you want at the same time!


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  1. Marina

    hello, I think I have a fairly good understanding of the concept of healthy. I’d love to eat small amounts of pasta, breads, potatoes and some desserts and good fats and still be able to lose weight. I don’t want to give up these foods, it’s just too hard.

    June . 06 . 13

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