Identifying the Common Causes of Back Pain


Most Americans are suffering from back pain. It has been estimated by the American Chiropractic Association that more than 80% of Americans have suffered back pain at one time or another. Hence, it is best to be more informed about what the causes of back pain are and how these are treated.

The way to treat back pains can be the same for men and women. However, women have different causes of back pain in some cases. The elderly and athletes can also have back pains while the overweight and people who inherit their back problems have also suffered from back pains.

What are the causes of back pain? The root cause of back pains comes from muscle sprains and strains, spinal injury, and a malady affecting the joints like arthritis. The back pain becomes more serious if caused by an injury or strain. Rest and readjustment can easily address these types of back pains. But if the pain becomes a more chronic problem then the ability to look for and treat it is very hard to do. It is important to figure out the primary causes of the back pain as the various maladies may have the same symptoms. Knowing the right cause will essentially help you in getting the right treatment.

Here are the various kinds of back pain.

Coccydynia – refers to a rare causation that leads to back pain. It starts from the coccyx or your tailbone and spreads on to the rest of the body. This will usually appear after an accidental fall or giving birth. What makes the pain resulting from Coccydynia more severe is continuous sitting. Removing surgically the coccyx can help treat this type of back pain.

Pregnancy-Related Back Pain – is normally due to pregnancy. Women tend to suffer back pain after gaining more weight during pregnancy as well as getting more birth-related hormones. A mild to severed pain is usually exhibited due to these factors. This can best be treated through exercise.

Osteoarthritis – is also known as spinal arthritis. This is a well-reported but least researched cause of back pain. Usually, the elderly tends to suffer more from osteoarthritis. However, younger people are also affected. What causes this kind of back pain is the breakdown of the cartilage that is usually for spinal vertebrae support. Currently, osteoarthritis itself cannot be cured by any medication but there are available remedies for the pain.

Muscle Strain – results from stress, incorrect posture, and other activities that strains the back muscles. This is a very common cause of back pain. It is correctible by having a good exercise regime and rest.

Herniated Disc – is also a severe form of back pain, which is caused by a herniated disc. This means that sensitive nerves are affected by pressure from the spinal cartilage. What results is a herniated or bulging disc at the back. If the Sciatic nerve in the spinal column is also affected, you can also feel excruciating pain in the legs and feet. This type of back pain can be treated by medicines, physical therapy, and even surgery.



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