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Importance of fiber in weight loss


Nutrition experts all over the world agree over the importance of fiber in our diets. This is because fiber has numerous features that help in weight loss. Besides this, it helps in various processes inside the body and aids the functioning of intestines. It is also a well established fact that the food items that are rich in fiber contain a limited amount of fats. You must consider the following points related to importance of fiber in our diets so as to reduce excess weight.

1. Fiber helps in increasing volume to our food without stuffing our stomach with calories. This is because insoluble fibers don’t get digested and thus don’t add to calorie content. However, water soluble fibers do get digested but their calorie content is too less to be any danger for us.

2. Fiber can make you chew your food well. This is because the food items having high fiber content need some extra effort to chew them in order to digest them properly. This is quite helpful as the food that we eat is digested completely.

3. It slows digestion of carbohydrates as it forms a gel along with water to form a trap for carbohydrates. This process serves multiple advantages. First, it helps feeling of fullness last longer. Another advantage provided by it is that the process of digestion of carbohydrates is slowed down. Thus, one would not feel hungry even after a long time after eating fiber rich food.

4. A major reason of increase in weight is the increase in blood sugar levels. When we consume such food items which are rich in fiber, these are converted into sugar slowly inside our body. This helps in stabilization of sugar level which in turn, helps in controlling hunger and food intake. Besides this, it helps in controlling diabetes as well.

5. Fiber helps in slowing down in absorption of calories by the body. It has been confirmed by numerous studies that increasing the daily consumption of fiber by 20 grams, the absorption of calories is reduced by over eight percent. Thus, besides being a calorie efficient food item, it helps in reducing absorption of calories which helps in reduction of weight.

Besides all the above advantages, fiber provides certain other benefits as well. First, it helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases by lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the body. It helps to regulate the sugar level in our body, preventing the onset of diabetes in an individual. Further, it helps in relieving from constipation by aiding passage of stool. Scientists have even linked fiber with maintenance of stable pH level. This increases chances of prevention of various forms of cancer.

Looking at the above advantages, we can say that it helps the body much more than just reducing weight. You can find enough water soluble fiber in various food items such as legumes, fruits such as bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes and onions. Insoluble fiber can be found in whole grains, wheat and flax seeds.



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