Causes of Stress, Understanding Stress

Is Stress Self Imposed?

Stress, often seen to be as a state of mind, is considered to be a noun, indicating a condition of mind in distress. However, as we are beginning to understand it more and more today, stress should be viewed as an act, as a condition we are undergoing, or rather imposing on ourselves. It wont be wrong to classify stress, or being stressed as a verb in its connotation. This is because, it is not an exclusive entity that we may include or exclude, be segregated with in our life or something that can be taken away as an object. Stress is in fact something that one does or is being involved in actively. We are the only ones responsible for it, be it the onset or the recovery from stress, or we may call it, “being stressed”.

Even if this stress is involuntary and we remain unaware of it most of the times, it is indeed a consequence of our actions, thinking or feelings. Biologically, if we take the example of an instant that stress in which the body signals us to slow down our activities or transform our behavior. Being stressed in most cases might just be a way to direct changes in the normal functioning of your body. Perspiration, palpitation, momentary increase in blood pressure, being fretful and irritable; these are just common reactions that our body “undergoes” in response to daily pressures.

We are inclined to understand stress as something being forced upon us, but in most cases that does not hold true. Indeed, in real it might just be something we ask for ourselves, or are in need of to cope up with some changes.

Efforts are constantly on to get into the depth of understanding these changes and stress responses. Researchers have been trying to establish a cause and effect relationship of stress , but the major step back they encounter is in fact the variability in response. Why one person ends up being very stressed while others do not feel the effects of stress to that extent. This leads to their conclusion with even more conviction that stress indeed is shaped as a factor directly influencing the well being of a person himself and not by any external resources as it was thought to be.

Stress is perhaps self-imposed. And that in turn provides the explanation to the universal phenomenon of stress, how each of us are the same and yet so different.

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