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It all adds up- every move counts


One hour at the treadmill, how many calories do you burn after all? Somewhere close to 100 at best. If you just park you car a little further everyday, take the stairs instead of an elevator, take a stroll every 30 minutes you spend at your office desk, and have walking meetings; taken together by all of this you might be spending more calories without working hard that extra bit. It’s all about incorporating little things in life, which were once a part of our daily routine, before technology took over our lives. We see factory workers or laborers, who work hard and earn minimum wages and they are in much better shape than most of the other working class is. We might be shelling our “hard earned $” in gym memberships only to go and spend those 100 calories on the treadmill, while those workers have the perfect 6 packs and biceps by doing nothing but small work by themselves. They need not be lifting 100s of pounds on the benchpress, but may only be transporting under 20 pounds to and fro, they may not be running for hours on a machine, but just standing or walking 5-6 hours a day.

The only point here being, little things matter. Things you won’t even notice. Getting up and opening your front door when your hear the door bell, versus buzzing someone in by giving access through your phone, without even realizing, you might have amassed 5-10 extra calories that you could have burnt had you moved from your couch. Even going up to a restaurant or a bank has been replaced by drive-through options where all you have to move is a muscle in your mouth to speak out your order. Human bodies were not designed to be machine dependent. Similarly our physiology can not keep up with this lack of physical activity in our daily lives. Today’s problem of obesity only gets highlighted since it has taken epidemic proportions in adults as well as children across he globe. 2/3rd of adults in the United States are obese or overweight and that alarming number is about 30% of children. Some of the things which are simple yet very effective to tackle this problem, start with increasing the levels of our daily physical activity and that does not include exercise. Non exercise activity includes energy you expend throughout the day doing daily chores or walking up to your car or fidgeting around in the house; they all add up throughout the day and account for most of the energy you expend. Being a responsible society, some of the things that could be incorporated without hampering our comfortable lifestyles could be as simple as Starbucks serving non fat milk (unless a customer specifically requests otherwise), or serving juices and milk instead of soda for kids at schools and Disney parks, dropping of kids from school buses 100 steps further than the most comfortable walking distance or by simply decreasing the portion size in restaurants by 10-15%. None would even notice such small changes, but their cumulative impacts could be huge. To summarize, you only need a little to make it count and it all starts with making a conscious decision for yourself RIGHT NOW!!


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