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Laser hair removal


Laser hair removal is becoming a popular choice for getting rid of those unwanted body hair. In this procedure, an intense beam of pulsating light is used targeting the hair follicles. This laser light damages the follicle, thus inhibiting further hair growth.

FDA classifies this, as an approved method for reducing hair growth upto 90% while it still does not guarantee complete inhibition of hair re-growth. Often, repeated treatments are required to get ideal results and different people respond differently to this treatment. The results vary considerable among people, but in general, this method is considered to be most useful for people with lighter skin and darker hair since the laser light targets the pigment melanin of the hair.

Common treatment areas include facial hair like chin and upper lips, bikini line, arms, legs, stomach, back etc. it can typically be used to target any part of the body except for eyelids or near the eyes since it can potentially cause permanent eye damage.

This method should always be administered under the guidance of a doctor or board certified technician. While it is also not free from possible side effects which can include skin irritation, redness or rash, swelling, discomfort, redness, or a pigment change in the skin where you can see temporary darker skin at the site of treatment which may resolve non its own in a few hours. In some cases, it has also been seen to cause scarring, blistering, burns or permanent damage or change in the texture of the skin. For most cases and in most areas, 4-6 treatments are recommended. Some people may need more or less, while others may need touch ups or booster treatments every year or so to begin with.

Though seen as a treatment for unwated hair or excessive body hair, it is still considered to be mostly cosmetic and is not covered by insurances. Some medical conditions that include hirsutism as a symptom or side effect are also not covered for this laser hair treatment option as a medical option.

Some of the positive benefits from laser hair removal include reliability or speed as well as accuracy. You can target fine or coarse hair of a particular region and after repeated treatments; there is a very good change that there will be no re-growth of hair in that area. Use of a laser also allows you to target one area specifically while leaving the surrounding ones untouched, ensuring there is minimal damage to the skin. The treatment only takes a few minutes per sitting depending on the size of the treatment area.

The procedure is also pain free and simple. It does not require any anesthesia, medication or aids and is pain-free, the only effect it has on contact is like a zap or a pinch when the laser strikes.

Typically before every treatment you will be asked to avoid any sun exposure to that area, you should not be on antibiotics or currently pregnant. The above factors only decrease the effectiveness of the treatment and increase the likelihood of further complications. Usually the treatments are administered after a span of 4-6 weeks depending on the area that needs to be worked on.


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