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Massage as a pill for Headaches


Headaches are a common occurrence for many of us. Even the occasional episodes of headaches can be crippling and very disturbing. It is basically a condition of severe pain in the head, which can vary to different degrees. While a headache can be a side effect of other underlying causes, stress and fatigue are the most common causes or non-chronic regular headaches. At times, the pain extends into the shoulders, neck or spine as well. In severe cases, it can even cause a person to collapse due to incredible amount of pain. Most people pop a pill (aspirin) to deal with a tension headache to relieve the pain that can also be as a result of the tension in the muscles of upper body. At times, a good night’s sleep helps as well. But it is not always possible to deal with a headache in this fashion, or rely completely on medication. At times, we even have to work through the pain. In such a scenario, a massage can do wonders for a person. A massage usually means applying pressure and rubbing with force focusing on some parts of the body, mainly soft tissue as a means to improve circulation, relieve muscular tension or stress. Massage can be of different kinds, focusing on different areas depending on an individual’s preference. Self-massage is possible, because not every time you would find a dear one to help you with the pain. Here are a few simple tips to use massage as an aid to relieve a headache:

1. Neck massage: Using both hands and a circulatory movement, gently massage the back of your neck, beneath the skull. As you move your hands, you may find the focal point what is also called the tension point. You will find that massaging focusing on this area makes you feel better temporarily and would help in relieving the tension in those muscles. Carry on for a few minutes till you can feel the muscles loosening up.

2. Massaging the scalp: Gently massage the scalp in circular movements with your hands. This helps in relaxing and increasing circulation in the brain.

3. Massage around the eyes: Needless to day, this has to be done very gently, with your eyes closed. Feel your eyes above the cheekbones to do a mild massage over the eyes. This helps directly, in fact instantly with a headache.

4.Massage from your forehead towards the nose: Using one finger on both sides, in a circular motion with some pressure, feel every bone, and under your eyes and identify the points where using gentle pressure, makes you feel good. Repeat 5-10 times, and press and hold for a bit each time.

5.Relaxing further: Deep breathing helps as well. Next you can life your arms and shoulders for 10-15 seconds and then allow them to drop back slowly.

Repeating these simple massage and relaxation techniques can help you relieve your headaches instantly without having to depend on analgesics every time you get a headache, particularly stress or tension related headaches.


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  1. Shirisha Shilajit

    It’s also good to use essential oils to kill headache

    July . 07 . 17

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