Effects of Stress, Understanding Stress

Natural Response to Stress

The human body is one of the most sophisticated and well-programmed systems among all living creations. The physical, biological, physiological and the neural networks work in a close and complex harmony for the functioning of the body. This also means that it self regulates itself in an even more complex manner to maintain the balance of life. Each condition or environment or a change goes through a signaling process to provoke response that presents itself as the “body’s response”. Stress is one such condition that triggers multiple physiological changes that it takes as a measure to deal with the condition. For the smooth and efficient functioning of the body machinery, it is important that it adapts and undergoes physiological as well as psychological changes, which express them by means of a “natural response”.

Water is the major component of the human body, which implies that our internal environment constitutes of various chemical entities and pH both inside and outside of the cells. To maintain the optimum physiological balance between the cells and various organs, this chemical environment has to be maintained in harmony and with minimum disequilibrium. The body strives hard to re-establish and maintain this state known as internal homeostasis. It if often required undergoing a number of changes to maintain the conditions within these fine physiological stress limits. Once disturbed, the consequences can vary from a disease or disorder or emotional dis-balance in the form of stress.

Stress being triggered, corresponds to the release of a number of stress hormones which prepare the body to deal with the condition. This is also referred to as the “Flight or fight “ response by the body. This is the mechanism of the human body to signal a stress condition, which it tries to evade and/or fight the dangers.

Time and again we encounter situations in our day to day routine, which are not suitable to express or freely encounter our emotional response. Such as a pressure situation or argument with superiors at work. Such instances are more than enough to invoke a stress situation but the fact that restricts us to prevent an emotional reflex of outburst, adds to the anxiety and stress. On one hand, your body tells you to prevent/avoid/counter or get away while the real scenario prevents us from doing so. These kinds of inner responses, which surface up to defend you sometimes become meaningless in situations like the current example. As an alternative, one could look for developing a different and a better approach of responding to stress. One needs to work on a relaxed response, which eventually would come naturally to you. There are numerous techniques on working on these alternative approaches to counter pressure situations. These range from forgiveness and increased tolerance, to self-relaxation using aids like hypnosis or yoga. You got to go out to explore what works out best for you. And soon you will realize, you have forgotten when was the last time you felt stressed.

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