During the time of pregnancy, you can experience stress because your body undergoes so many different changes. Coupled with this are emotional issues that can also stress you out. If you do not take care to curb stress when you are pregnant, it can affect your baby. It is known that acute stress can lead to stillborn children. Here are a couple of tips on how to cope with pregnancy stress:

  • During the first trimester, you will experience morning sickness. This can be stressful particularly when the sickness is quite acute. You can cope with this problem in many ways such as by having ginger tea, having mints with you always to ward off nausea, snacking frequently instead of eating three meals a day, and by adding Vitamin B6 to your diet. All these ideas have a positive effect in reducing morning sickness
  • Worrying is yet another sources of stress. You can be worried about a lot of pregnancy issues. Instead of keeping them in your mind, it is better that you speak to someone else to bring down our tension. Talk to your doctor, your mother, sister, partner or some close to you who has had a baby, to bring down your tension.
  • There will be changes in your body. You can see a lot of changes happening in your body from the fourth month of pregnancy. Discuss such changes and any feelings of discomfort that you have with your doctor or someone close to you, so that you can deal with them in the right way.
  • Your feet will swell particularly in the last three months before pregnancy. This can be pretty discomforting, but you can deal with it in many ways such as boiling coriander in hot water and drinking this, taking rest often, avoiding coffee and salty foods and much more.
  • Work Stress. Most women are working throughout their pregnancy till the last few weeks of delivery. Ask your employer to cut down work in which you have to run around a lot. Traveling to and from work is also stressful, so avoid rush hour traveling. Instead come to work early and leave sooner. Make arrangements with your employer on this.
  • Lamaze breathing exercises can really help to bring down mental stress and enhance your physical levels so that you give birth more easily. Enroll into these classes so that you are more mentally focused and are more confident about child birth.
  • Eat Healthy Foods. If you take too many sugary foods, you will find stress to enhance than reduce, though you may crave for them. Instead opt for food which cleanses your system, such as green leafy vegetable and fruits. This keeps you healthy and reduces emotional stress.
  • Stay in the company of people who are positive. Do not listen to bad news or negative as this will trigger off stress in your mind.

Follow these points and you can be sure of reducing pregnancy stress. The more mentally peaceful you are during your pregnancy, the better your childbirth process. Keep yourself happy and feeling free to have an easy delivery.

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