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Preventing and Avoiding Stress

Stress – the underlying problem

It is not untrue when it is said that stress is THE most common cause of illness in today’s World. In fact, a whopping 70% of health issues are found to be due to stress. So, what exactly is this stress, and how to combat it is a question that is raised more often than anything else to the doctors. Just imagine how it would be if each person was stressed and weary! In that case, it becomes quintessential that doctors learn to fight their stress before even trying to understand the cases of the patients’ cases, and psychiatrists learning to calm themselves before counseling their patients, etc. In each case again, the first step probably would be – understanding the best possible way to overcome stress and situations leading to the same. Doctors all over normally employ a 2-point solution illustrated below

• Relate to oneself – stress is one such issue wherein learning experientially is preferred. That is, they take themselves as the reference to the problem. This has by far been discovered as being one of the best implemented methods.
• In particular, for psychologists and psychiatrists, studying and later on understanding stress is more a personal and professional benefit.

Once the causes or reasons for stress are understood, the further area of study is exploring and analyzing various methods to combat the same. The most common of those methods being, to change one’s methods and ways and adopt better habits which help the cause anyway. With these methods, the doctors and counselors more often study and implement the devised methods on themselves, practice on them and then suitably guide their patients.

Surprisingly, it has been discovered that many times very simple things from changing one’s food habits to changing a certain part of one’s schedules or sometimes even adding new chores to indulging in exercising or walks can bring about very drastic changes in the stress levels. The bottom line, however, about all these methods are that apart from all of them being tried and tested, they are all very feasible, and extremely simple to implement and more importantly, extremely beneficial.

The best tip one can give for a stress free lifestyle is to avoid stress altogether. This one can do by analyzing and noting in a journal, what the past stressful events were. What factors led you to those events and more importantly what helped you cope with such an event. With the understanding of all these one can easily avoid stressful activities, remove negative thoughts and better manage time. Simple factors such as time managing and spending quality time with loved ones or with leisure activities can help relieve stress.

Once we have a firm understanding on stress and things that lead us to be stressful, we can use simple and effective techniques to relieve stress. But the easiest way as the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Hence avoid stressful activities if the can be avoided. Better manage your time, stick to strict schedules.
All these would lead you to live a stress free life.

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