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Quick Tips for Stress Relief – Part 1

Stress relief tips: Elementary and Elemental

STRESS, if you have begun to understand it by now, works for your benefit more than it can do harm. How monotonous would our life be, if one didn’t have a secret desire to out-smart his peers or even the boss!! If each subsequent step or task were served to you on a platter instead of a challenge, wouldn’t we lose out on the joy of achievement or success that we earn with each days? It is the motivation and the drive to conquer what life brings to us, is what we call stress in more simpler terms. Balanced stress is as good and necessary as a balanced diet it is for a growing child and even an adult in this case.

But the question that arises next is how much becomes too much? An easy way to figure it out is that when stress starts becoming a negative factor that bogs you down in the daily activities and affects your productivity, its time to acknowledge that “YOU ARE STRESSED”. Sounds scary enough to push you deeper into the jungle. But it is in fact much more simple to get over with it, once you start putting these few simple techniques into practice.

Quick Tip #1: Burn those calories, be active: physically and mentally

We all complain of our busy schedules and lack of time to hit the fitness centers. But a burn out aerobics class or hours on treadmill is not always what is implied by exercise. There is nothing better than a regular workout if one can make it a part of everyday routine. But most of the times, a few mild relaxing exercises or some kind of yoga and meditation is a wonderful way to blow off your worries after a long day at work. Exercises can not only help alleviate the daily tensions, but they also bring about certain physiological changes in the body like the release of hormones and certain neurotransmitters that establish a state of harmony and well being in an individual.

Quick Tip #2: Avoid binge drinking

Its easy to justify a couple of drinks in the evening as a means of relaxing yourself. But alcohol does not always work this way. A glass of wine or beer might be good once in a while, but making it as an excuse to get away from your anxieties, is as good as being blindfolded and jumping into a well. Alcohol in fact is a proven depressant. It ultimately works against you in the long run you would end up depressed and more anxious than ever. Avoid drinking it all costs to the extent of reaching intoxication. The temporary feeling of euphoria that you might get, is like a mirage in the never ending desert.

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