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Quick Tips for Stress Relief – Part 2

Stress relief tips: Elementary and Elemental

Continued from part 1

Quick Tip #3: Pamper All Your Senses, even the 6th one

In this rush of the world today, struggling through the race in our minds, it is often the body that takes its toll. We don’t have to be reminded by the waning body parts before we decide to take care of them. It is extremely important and helpful to pamper your body and there is no better way to relax your mind. Take some time off to enjoy a delicious meal, a dip in a hot water tub, a quiet dance in the moon lit night or a long and soothing spa massage. It is surprising how calm, soothing and relaxing our body could feel when allowed the luxury of being pampered completely.

Quick Tip #4: Do what you enjoy best

It’s tremendously rewarding when we chose to listen to our hearts sometimes over our daily work and other responsibilities. Each ne of us is cut out a little differently so while I might love writing a bit of prose and poetry, my best friend prefers watching television. It does not matter what you do, the idea remains to send time doing something that you enjoy the most. It is your responsibility towards your own self to take time and do what you have always loved doing. Spending time with kids or your pet, enjoying the breeze on your face in the walk seaside or playing your favorite video game. It is things like these that make life worthwhile.

Quick Tip #5: Keep a book; the positives will always outnumber the bad

It is human nature to brag and complain about everything that goes wrong (or different from what we expected). It’s easy to remember the last criticism you got at work or your recent loss at the share market. But how many of us do actually tend to remember the good days we have which are in no way less than a few tough times. To get past this human tendency to of complaining, it wont be a bad idea to maintain a book where you make a point to mention all good things, compliments or achievements you have from day to day. If you think your colleague in the next cubicle despises you, you might be forgetting a compliment you overheard from the very same person not so long ago. It really helps to remind ourselves and feel pride about the good life we have been blessed with. On a stressful evening, flipping through your book is bound to bring a secret smile on your face and a wonderful feeling of pride and contentment.

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