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Quit Smoking – It is Your Health


People who smoke can testify how hard it is to really quit smoking. If you are a smoker you should know that it so easy to say that you will quit but it is extremely difficult to actually do it. You have promised yourself and to people close to you countless number of times that you will finally stop smoking, however you have not lived up to your promises or have tried and failed. You have even planned of joining a stop smoking program but nothing seems to work out. If you aren’t serious about quitting, read the known facts about smoking.

Facts :

  • Major cause of Stroke
  • Very Addictive
  • Raises Blood Pressure
  • Suppresses immune function
  • Lessens sense of smell and taste
  • Reduces Stamina
  • Wrinkles your skin
  • Leads to depression
  • Leads to fatigue
  • May cause Emphysema
  • May cause gum disease
  • Shown to cause caner.

People should know and understand the effects of nicotine – the potent drug in tobacco leaves which is highly addictive. The addictive properties of nicotine make smoking so hard to give up no matter how many times you try to quit. There have been countless lawsuits against the tobacco industry for their practices, but the biggest thing you can do against them is to stop buying their products. Stop smoking that is.

Other than addiction, smoking can bring about a number of ill effects to your system. The worst and most prevalent illness caused by smoking is damage to the lungs. But aside from the lungs, other parts of the body too like hair, brain, eyes, nose, skin, teeth, mouth and throat, hands, and esophagus. It will likewise have serious effects on the respiratory system and lungs, cardiovascular system, liver, abdomen, kidneys and bladder, male reproductive system, bones, blood and the immune system. In some cases, the legs and the feet are also affected.

If your health is your number one concern, then you have to seriously consider to completely doing away with smoking. For those who would like to have the help of assisting professionals, simply check out the various programs that are available on the market today. The programs should also be matched according to the needs of one’s desire to quit. There is no such thing as one program that fits everyone’s needs.

You can search for the right program to stop smoking that is just right for you. Simply evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of these programs. Some may recommend the use of medicines to aid you in quitting while others may use pure meditation techniques to help you quit smoking. Talk to your primary health care physician for more details about smoking programs.

There are a wide variety of programs that are offered nowadays. Before embarking on the journey towards the road to getting rid of the smoking addiction, just ask yourself this question: “Is it your honest desire to stop smoking?” When the answer is in the positive then it is up to you to go for it.

Look for the perfect program that suits you. What is important is to know that you can quit smoking, as it is merely a chemical craving for nicotine. It is a very difficult habit to break especially when you are under severe pressure or other issues that activate the desire to smoke.

It is important to have a positive outlook and be certain of yourself. It is important to believe in the fact that you are able to stop the addiction at your own will.

Get on your way to a successful program to quit smoking. The road may become rough sometimes but you have to stand strong to be able to withstand any trial. Just remember that it is to your best interest so you can live a longer and healthier life.



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  2. Sally Heinrich

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