We all start dating and though we want love to stay in life forever, but it may not always come true. What when things go wrong-its time to move on. But this move on time or break-up as we call it is very stressful and sometimes life threatening too. It is because it results into a physical loss and means physical removal of someone special from your life. With separations, divorces or break ups you are abandoned purposefully. It is like you have been cast aside and rejected. Even though your loved one is alive somewhere but you know that that love was intentionally withdrawn from you and has opted to leave you.

May be you have tended and nurtured your relationship and may be molded it the way you wanted it. But suddenly you no longer have their presence nor care. No one wants you anymore and you are at the receiving end and have little or no control over the situation. You morally break due to a feeling of loss of your own sense of value, and self worth, your pride, your ego, your dreams, your hopes, your security and your feeling of being loved. You feel taken for granted and this clouds and clogs your thinking. Life just turns topsy-turvy and from being the world to someone we suddenly turn to nothing.

It feels unbelievable and the pain is unbearable. But falling a prey to it would only degrade you and wreck you emotionally. You need to overcome this painful time.

First and foremost you need to accept the truth and push yourself to think positive. Feel it as a good thing to have happened-though I know it is difficult. Try to engage yourself in work or recreation. Remember friends are always there by you, whatever may happen. If you want to get over the feeling stay and go out with your friend and celebrate the time together. You need to get over your past memories as well as memoirs-you don’t need them anymore.

Vent out your feelings either by writhing or by screaming out loud. Rediscover your smile and learn to laugh out at things of past. Find and quote some words of wisdom for yourself. Read it everyday and start believing in yourself. Go out for shopping and splurge on yourself. Start pampering yourself. Go for a complete make over. This would give a change to you and your personality. Don’t be ashamed about what you felt or what your feelings are. Don’t wear a fake mask. If you feel you are not fine, then mourn at your loss. Deeply grieving is actually soothing for the mind because you are accepting your problem, instead of denying it. It saves you up from bottled emotions and emotions which reflect out elsewhere in a confused and unhappy way.

Once this phase is over you would realize that this phase has actually enriched you with an experience that you may take as learning for the rest of your life. The sooner you get over a relationship and move on with your life, the faster the stress of a breakup will vanish. There are tons of things one can do to get over a breakup. Family and friends do help, but when they are not around, a hobby or a enjoyable pastime sure would help. Breakup Stress effects thousands of people, and it’s very simple to get relieved from that.

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    need understanding each other before marrige

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