Seven Things about Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is a convenient procedure for most women. It has been applied since its approval by the FDA in 1995 especially to females with extreme or male pattern hair growth. It is considered a better-developed technology as compared to electrolysis. This form of hair removal is a fast and easy way to solving the embarrassment caused by unwanted hair growth.

To know all about laser hair removal, we need to learn all the facts first.

First, for laser hair removal, a laser beam is utilized to focus a high intensity light rays to the hair follicle. A light ray produces intense heat energy that results to thermal damage to the follicle only. It is important to know that the tissues around the hair follicle remain unaffected. The extent of treatment needed is based on the amount of melanin present in the hair. For darker hair, it is very effective. On the other hand, for brown or ginger hair, it is less effective while no effect is exhibited on white, gray or platinum blonde hair.

One important prerequisite is that there must be hair so it can enable the hair to work along the hair shaft. Hence, do not remove unwanted hair before undertaking laser hair removal. Likewise, laser hair removal depends on the melanin content of the skin. For dark or tanned skin, there needs to be a specialized treatment.

Secondly, the laser hair removal treatment package is based on the area to be treated. With more area, there needs to be more cost needed. For US customers, the package cost around $450 each session at an average while for UK clients, it can cost around £45 to £450.

Since hair eventually grows back, a few more sessions for treatment is required for the year. But it has been known that the hair will re-grow more slowly and thinly. According to an expert, the hair growth on the upper lip reduces by 80% after 6 months.

Thirdly, learn all you need to know about laser hair removal as much as you can. Find the right clinic for the appropriate consultation, which may be able to give it for free. Check out the costs of getting the treatment. While the treatment is ongoing, it is best to require for a medical doctor to be on hand for any unwanted emergencies. It is important to have a qualified and experienced therapist as well.

Fourth, it is good to know that laser has no cancer-causing properties. The laser light will affect the dermis of the skin only. But you should avoid getting the laser light directed to your eyes as it can affect eyesight. Therapists would normally ask you to wear goggles during the treatment proper.

Some unwanted effects are skin darkening from exposure to the laser or paler patches of skin with too much exposure. Blistering and scarring can occur when overheating happens especially with darker skin and tanned people. It is best to get the treatment if you are paler.

If you have sensitivity to light or any infection in the treated area, avoid getting a laser hair removal. For those who have used isotretinoin for treating acne, laser hair removal is not advised.

Fifth, just like electrolysis, laser hair removal is considered a permanent hair removal remedy. However, there are cases where re-growth of hair happens. What it certainly does is lessen the haste of re-growth to a few months to years. Re-growth will also be thinner.

Finally, the treatment proper requires you to wear goggles. There may be some stinging or tingling in the treated area. The duration of the treatment will vary according to the size of the treatment area. It can be from about 15 to 45 minutes. The treatment lasts for two to eight months with a once a month session depending on the size of the area. Lasers will also produce varying results.

Consider all these essential points before taking on the laser hair removal remedy.



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