It goes without saying, that today’s world is far more complex than what our forefathers had seen. And what’s coming further, it’s simply going to get more and more taxing. The global economy, economic and social pressures, high cost of living and other luxuries, family pressures and higher expectations and the constant demand of better performances at the workplace are just a few picks from the bag.

All this, (and more) contributes immensely to the stress of an individual, in particular in his working environment. Since this is becoming a permanent scenario now, it is crucial that work related stress is dealt with in a timely manner.

In particular, there could be a number of ways that can be followed. One approach is the implementation of a few practical approaches in our everyday lives and an alternate way that works even better for some people, is the change in perspective and a individual’s approach.

Practical Solutions:

Often seen is a pattern of physical stress indicators that are triggered by stress. These vary from headaches and anxiety attacks to muscle aches and back stress, upset stomach, etc. These are best dealt with at the earliest signs of appearance. A quick tip would be to take a short break and take a while off to relax. This could be as short as a couple of minutes where you put all work aside and have time for yourself. Get yourself a quiet corner and pamper yourself with a coffee or your favorite drink. Take a quick walk if you may prefer or drop by your favorite pall working next-door. If you are a nature person, a lawn or a garden might be your place to be. Any change is a good change as long as it gets you relaxed. This is often called as a mini vacation, and you surely deserve a couple of them in a day. Not only do they lighten you up, you work much better when you get back.

Besides the mind, dealing with the bodily stresses as easy as well. As you sit back on your most comfortable position with your eyes closed and shoulders laid back, a few deep breaths can help you relax within minutes. Thinking about your dream vacation or a loving family back home, can let you go away of all the negative vibes and recharge you very quickly.

These small exercises not only help you relax the tension on all your muscles, but it also clears the mind and gives you a positive inflow of energy.

A different approach…

Prevention always works better than cure and so most of the time, stress is avoidable at at-least to some extent by thinking about stress situations with a different approach.

Being serious about your work and even good at it, stress is not the only way of doing so. Though for some of us stress can work positively by in turn motivating us, it is not desirable to have it as an integral part of your work like, if it starts affecting your health and social life. There is life beyond work which is equally important, so prioritizing our goals is important, keeping in mind that the targets set by your boss are not the end of the world. Giving each work and responsibility its due time and credit and not pushing yourself too hard is the way to go.

If you try hard enough, one might be surprised to find that there is a good part to every situation. A bugging co-worker who gives you a hard time, might have a thing or two in him you could learn. Once you acknowledge that, you reward yourself from the positive things and are better prepare for the tough ones.

Another important point is that during a stress moment through the day, it is better to share it with others than to hang on to it. You will be surprised to find, how similar your problems are to the guy across the office you hate the most. Laughing about it together, and just the feeling that you are not the only one, takes you out half way through your worries.

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