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Stress Balls. how do they work?

There are many factors that can cause stress and stress is something that is inescapable from our lives. It exists regardless of what lifestyle we live or how old we are. If has many adverse effects and generally disrupts us from being just ‘normal’, relaxed and happy.

As you might have already read in the tips and techniques section, there are probably 100’s of stress relieving techniques. Some new techniques seem to come up practically daily, others are merely a evolution of previous ones. These techniques, like massages, meditation, yoga, exercise are very effective. Though they all suffer from a draw back. They are all quite time consuming, and in today’s fast paced lifestyles, finding time to relieve stress might be another stress causing factor.

A simple and quite effective alternative to these stress relief techniques is the use of a stress relief ball. These balls are made of rubber or polyurethane or soft rubber. These stress balls come in various sizes and many different shapes [hint: you can get a custom stress doll made of your bosses face 🙂 ].These dolls come in various colors and different textures too. Squeezing these balls is said to have many therapeutic benefits.

The materials used in making these balls are non-toxic and these stress balls are very safe for use. Other benefits of these soft squeezable balls is by use by joint pain patients (arthritis) and its also a great way to get back to recovery after an injury (physiotherapy after a fracture). This helps blood circulation in arms and hands and its particularly beneficial to those working with computers daily.

Since there are virtually no side effects, stress balls are a popular stress relief tool used by many professionals. Using it after a long, tiring day will have a calming effect and will rejuvenate the energy lost. It can be used by practically all ages. Using this type of therapy will keep the stress related problems from getting aggravated. A lot of companies have seen the benefits of these stress balls and its not uncommon to see them being handed out during corporate events and long meetings and seminars.

These stress balls can be easily customized with your own specification of shape and size. They are a popular gift to give especially if you are an event organiser and want to make a lasting impression on your attendees, not to mention the great health benefit to them.

So go ahead and find a stress ball (We have handpicked few stress balls from Amazon and have the links ready at our store, click the link and look for them under the “stress relieving products” section) and keep it in your office desk, and give a few squeezes whenever you feel stress taking over you and feel the instant benefit.

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