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Layoff Stress

The current job market is really bad and each new day we hear about more companies laying off people. These layoff periods are very stressful to everyone involved. Surprisingly, it has been shown that people who have not been laid off are more stressed than those who are. No matter what your job situation is, this added stress if very harmful to you in the long run. This guide presents few simple tips to reduce stress especially during the layoff period in your company or if you have been laid off.

if your company has announced layoffs then the entire period is very stressful to all the employees. Since most of the decisions for headcount reduction are purely based on numbers, your performance is not generally taken into consideration. You can reduce overall stress by not thinking about the issue at hand. Fearing the uncertain is common and basically pointless. Instead spend time in organizing your work life and work harder to show your superiors why they cannot function without you in the company.

If the layoffs are at a very large scale, it always helps to be prepared. Prepare as to how you would handle the situation if it arises. Are you financially stable, is your resume updated, can you find another job. Keeping these simple questions in mind will help you if you are the getting laid off. Anger, resentment and similar feelings can only add on to your stress. Remember more often than not, your manager is feeling worse than you.

Obviously the loss of ones job is a stressful time and there isn’t one sure shot technique we can recommend that will keep you stress free. But the following are few tips to keep your mind healthy and stress free which hopefully will bring your life back on a steady track.

– Tell your family and friends about your job situation: The biggest fear and the most stressful part about being laid off is one thinking what their family and friends will think . Move past this fear and tell your close friends and family. They are only there to help you through networking and can only offer you help and may in fact refer you to someone they know who is hiring.

– Focus on your life: There is no better time to focus on what you really want out of life. Since now you have a bit of free time, reflect on your past job; were you happy? were you excited to go to work? Think about what kind of job you would enjoy and work towards achieving them.

– Add a degree to your resume: These days very few companies are hiring on a large scale, or hiring at all for that matter. Instead of wasting time hunting for the right job, why not take a course or apply for a degree which will improve your resume and your knowledge and at the same time increase your chances of landing your next job.

– Don’t panic: Granted loss of monthly revenue is a reason to get panicked, but this is why you have saved in the past, do not be afraid to dig into your savings to help you through these times financially. Spend your severance package carefully, and keep it for basic necessities like bills and groceries.

– The job hunt: Apply to as many companies as possible, prepare well for interviews and keep references handy. Also offer skeptical employers a week or two of free service to evaluate you. This shows confidence and will motivate you to work better.

– Relax: Since you have lot of free time as compared to when you were working, you will most likely be anxious and worried. Draw up a fixed time table and follow it, for instance if your work day was from 9 to 5. then make a steady time table for 9 to 5 including things like research various companies, preparing for interviews, making calls to prospective employers, networking etc. Then after 5 stick to the schedule what you used to follow when you were working. Drastic change adds to stress, by following a routine, you can avoid this.

– Be close to family and friends: Support is great, if you can stay with friends or family for a few days, then do that.

– If possible travel: People always think of taking a year off and travel. With airfare and hotels so cheap, there’s no better time. You can always take a few hours off each day to apply to various companies.

– Consultation: If you are good in your field you can always do well by offering your expertise to people who possible can’t afford to hire you full time.

– Join a group: There are various groups of people in similar situations, join a group related to your field, this would give more networking opportunities and also will give you access to resources such as who’s hiring and what kind of interviews are taking place.

– Use networking websites: Big name companies hire people through networking sites like facebook and linkedin, make sure you join all such websites and ask people you have worked with before to leave references for you. Also if possible make an online resume for yourself. There are tons of websites that allow you to do that.

– Work around the house: Keeping busy is always good.

– Temporary : Never forget that this is just temporary. Every bad thing eventually turns and heads for the better. This economy will also take a turn for the better. Just keep calm and work hard to achieve what you’ve always dreamed of.

Hope these few tricks will help you reduce stress in these trying times. Remember to relax, take tihis time to spend with your loved ones, eat healthy and stay fit. All the best with your job hunt. Stay Stress Free.

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