Student or college life in particular is an important part of an individual’s life. There is no doubt that it marks a significant change in the needs, behavior, expectations and environment when a small dependent child goes through the phase of becoming a young adult. And just like any other change, this brings along a tremendous amount of stress, pressure and anxiety among youngsters. While some stress called the Eustress, is good; excess of it can have more than pronounced negative effects, which could be long lasting to say the least.

It all starts from the very first day. What career path to walk on, weather one should follow his dad’s footsteps or the famous uncle who is extremely popular. What if I do something unconventional? Will a career in theater be acceptable to mom? These are only a few questions to begin with and the cycle of pressure or stress if you may call it, continues forever. Once into an academic program, next comes the pressure to outperform the rest. With the quality of jobs available and the large pool of applicants being produced everyday, it goes without saying that you are living in the world of survival of the fittest. It is not just peer pressure anymore, it is the stress to survive and make a mark for yourself. Students undergo tremendous pressure in a race to perform better and meeting the expectations of their professors and their family.

At times there are socio economic responsibilities that take its toll and students often find themselves tied up balancing between their finances and supporting their families (or avoiding becoming a burden on them). At this time, most students end up taking part time jobs, working for meager amounts, giving them no chance to relax or enjoy the aspects of being a student. The fact that this age brings along a lot of independence, is not all roses. What is tagged along is extreme responsibility and all of a sudden one might find his self lost in this world trying to survive alone.

Next come your immediate friends and the process of forming groups where you find yourself to fit the best. This may sound interesting, but it is not an easy task. This selection process does have a significant impact, even subconsciously on the personality and lifestyle of the individual. At times, it may even provoke to consequential changes in the ethical and value system that one was shielded in, till now. Trying a smoke for fun, can easily turn into- I need to smoke to be in this group. Before you even realize, the complete prospective of life begins to change. The desire to give into the demands of peer pressure and the mettle to stand firm on your opinion is a big conflict that one needs to face many times in this age.

Love and dating are an integral part of every young society, no matter where you go. It is in fact the most important and the exciting part of teenage life. You might be in and out of relationships easily in this game, or it might be the first love that a girl never seems to forget. No matter what side you are on, these human tendencies of seeking love and support especially from the opposite sex, bring along a lot of heartache and emotional stress. Break ups come as an an unavoidable part of these relationships. While they are never peaceful, they bring about a huge mental and emotional turmoil in ones life.other direct effects are low esteem, feeling of worthlessness, guilt, regrets and the dilemma of being a responsible young adult. Moving to a particular aspect of it, and the fact that also contributes to peer pressure and the so called reputation, is the physical intimacy shared by a young couple. Often times, sex is seen as a matter of pride and a mandatory experience one would race to gain. Also the reason, why it is greatly misused. Increasing frequency of instances like sexual harassment and date rape, adds to the stress factor. These are a concern, not just for anyone who might be a victim, but living each day with a possibility and fear involved. The pressures from the society and the hesitance from most people, to openly discuss such subjects, can be detrimental to mental as well as physical health.

All these instances are just like a needle in a haystack. On the whole, I would say it is next to impossible to isolate one factor from the other. The stressors that our adolescents, teens and young students, face are a result of multiple reasons, and none of them is equally less important. Solutions or for dealing with them, one should be aware, conscious and ready to step up rather than succumbing to it .

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