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Stress relief: Do pills work?

Stress and depression, have now seem to be fast becoming a cycle of complex behavior and emotions. How it exactly works, no one knows, but the fact still remains that different people follow variety of patterns and its presentation. For some it’s a matter of taking a vacation, while others find themselves knocking at the doors of popular shrinks. It is true that symptoms of clinical depression don’t go unnoticed, and if not dealt in a timely manner, can lead to grave consequences such as behavioral disorders, suicidal tendencies etc. The extent and trauma associated in some cases is sometimes much more than it appears on outside.
Now we have heard about a dozen of pills that claim to benefit and alleviate stress symptoms, but as complicated as the problem is (unlike any other bacterial infection), the treatment from medicines too goes beyond just popping in the pill. There are a number of drugs that have been shown to be very effective in regulating anxiety and symptoms of stress but the treatment has various levels of acceptance among the society as well as medical practitioners. While a set of doctors believe it to be the last resort of treatment, a few others claim that a controlled and regular use along with some therapy could be the best treatment of such patients. Between the common people too, we have at least two schools of thoughts that exist. Many people still live under the notion that taking such pills or medicines is a way of surrendering yourself to be weak or incapable. 9 out of 10 people who consult a psychologist (who is different from a psychiatrist) are embarrassed to talk about it with their peers.

There is a need to inculcate a universal acceptance of the “phenomenon of stress” as natural and common. It is important that people like you and me begin to treat as any other day-to-day problem and be bold and smart enough to handle it the right way. Also it goes without saying, that the people who need help, only need to be encouraged and not looked down upon. We never know what mettle they are made up of. The strongest of people crack under pressure and its all an interplay of our surroundings.

There exist a number of number of good and widely used medicines currently that have shown to act on the brain and with the regulated release of certain hormones such as serotonin; they release the anxiety and initiate a state of calm. In turn, they help better the mood and establish a feeling of harmony in real time.

Some of these drugs which are common but still not available over the counter should be only tried under medical supervision. Click continue below to learn about the various medications available for stress relief.

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