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Tips and Techniques for effective stress management


“STRESS”, if we have to define it, there can be no true definition that would cover all its varied aspects. As it’s a condition that goes way beyond any single and well described parameter. Stress includes physical, mental, psychological, behavioral, social and above all, certain causes and effects that could go unnoticed for years. We can’t deny a genetic aspect to it as well. If our forefathers were the ones who worried about every little thing out of place or out of time, we are probably born with it too.

But is there nothing we can do about it? That’s definitely not true. Especially today when we understand this condition, better than ever. Thanks to all the doctors, scientists, hypnotists, shrinks and many others. If we talk about the “baby steps” approach, one can move towards it slowly and steadily, and in no time, we can be out of a stress situation before we even realize it.

So how exactly is a stress response triggered? It’s basically everything around you. But we all are meant to react differently to a situation, and some of us get caught and end up being a victim of stress. Which is in no way uncommon, or abnormal, but ya when it starts affecting everything around us, and everything we do, then it works like an innate parasite that’s constantly working on wearing you out. In other words, “stress” is a test of one’s coping ability with the demands of his or her external as well as internal environment.

Though stress is seen to be positive sometimes, it is also associated with a lot of negative impacts on a person, which vary from a physical, psychological to as far as emotional level. When your brain receives a stress signal through the neurons that run through the body, it triggers a response to counter and negate its impact. The response to the so-called signal of what the body intercepts as “fright or fight” is a set of hormonal changes that take place within. The release of certain cortisols and norepinephrin is the body’s first line of defense, which prepares the internal environment for any changes or stress triggered.
Take a chill pill is what they say. But this pill is not that simple to gulp it down your throat. Coping up and walking out of a stress situation takes a lot more, which might not be coming naturally to you. But the first step surely would be to accept and acknowledge what you are going through. And get out of the first phase of denial.
One should begin to understand the situation and the factors that triggered it. That surely makes dealing with it way less complicated.
And for the next step, one can try a number of different things like yoga, meditation, recreation and vacation, laughter therapy or forgiveness, eating right or exercise. It could be as simple as positive thinking or a bit esoteric as an aid from a few medicines your doctor prescribes. But at the end of the day, there is something for everyone that potentially helps.

And the day you figure out, what strategy works best for you, you could come up smiling and say; “well, that was just what the doctor ordered”.

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