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Tips on Living with Diabetes


Diabetes is a common problem that affects a large number of people and is a complex disorder that has a direct impact on all organs of the human body. Depending on its severity and its management, it is often life threatening or responsible for many co-morbidities such as blindness, sores and infections and even gangrenes that may even lead to limb amputations.  Nonetheless, it is extremely important for diabetics to closely monitor their health and lifestyle choices, in order to live a normal healthy life.

The importance of fresh, organic and non processed food can not be ignored. Fresh from the farm food with minimum chemical intervention, is not only loaded with all natural macro and micro nutrients, and vitamins that our body needs, but also they are free from chemical fertilizers or synthetic artificial flavors or even processed sugars that are hard to metabolize and are as good as poisons for a person with diabetes. There are a number of diabetic recipes or cooking books that are now available, and those have some good healthy quick fix eating ideas that allow you to enjoy tasty meals without compromising on your health.

Few other common-sense rules that one often ignores are as follows:

1. Fresh fruits and vegetables- including cooked food

One can have them raw as a salad or steamed and mildly flavored, or cooked in a fresh creamy tomato broth. In any form, fresh fruits and vegetables can be incorporated in any kind of diet and can do wonders for a person’s health.

2. Avoid late night snacking or in between snacks (unless they are fruits or whole grains)

In today’s fast paced society, it is easy to give in to the temptations of drive through restaurants or greasy colorful food at the cafeteria when one is at work or away from home. Certainly, it is suicidal to rely on snacks that are loaded with carbohydrates and saturated fat, while all you need to satiate your between-meals craving is a glass of milk, a yogurt or even a fruit like apple or banana.

If anything, the category of snacks that one can go for includes non-salted nuts, fresh or dried fruits or vegetables, dark chocolate (only very little per serving) etc.

3. Switch to whole grain cereals and flour, even breads

Carbohydrates form an important major component of most of our diets.  And so it is essential to ingest it in the right form, and in the right amounts. Some of the foods that are good for you include oats (oatmeals as cereal), flax seed, cous cous, whole wheat pasta , whole wheat or multigrain bread, brown rice instead of white rice etc. Not only are they more nutritious, they are also more flavorful and with minimum artificial processing.

4. Substitute wine for sugary cocktails and black coffee for cream and sugar.

Cocktails such as margaritas and mojitos are full of sugars, more so it is the bad processed sugar and colors with preservatives. If one has to drink alcohol, wine is a much better choice.  Wine has been shown to have some positive effects such as the presence of anti-oxidants etc, though any alcohol should only be taken in minimalistic quantities. Same would be the case with all other beverages, including tea and coffee. One should start by decreasing the sugar intake and slowly switching to sugar free drinks.

5. Plenty of water intake

Benefits of having a well-hydrated body are more than many. Some people even say,you can never have enough of water.  7-8 glasses a day is just an average number, one can have much more than that, depending on one’s body needs. An easy way to make sure you have enough of water during a day is to carry a bottle with you when you are outdoors, or keep one at your work desk, even besides your bed etc. People, who do not drink as much water, can start by increasing a glass a day till it becomes a habit.

The list certainly does not end here, and there are many other things that one can change. But small changes in ones daily diet, is surely a good start and a sure shot way to regulate diabetes among people of all ages.



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