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Types of Meditation


Meditation is an age-old way to relax your body and has been practiced for more than a century in different parts of the world. It is a perfect way to seek peace and some quiet time, giving you an opportunity to relax and reflect upon your daily lives and goals. There is no hard and fast definition or style of meditation, but it can be considered to be of a few different styles.

1. Simple meditation/chanting mantras: It is not easy for everyone to relax or focus for too long with your eyes closed. Sometimes it helps to have something that prevents your mind from thinking about too many things at once. A mantra or a phrase is something that an individual repeats over and over again in the mind while trying to relax with the eyes closed. Something to say to yourself, keeps your focused, at the same time it ultimately becomes monotonous and is not stimulating for the mind, thus helps you relax.

2. Meditation based on a concept: This involves thinking about, pondering and contemplating an idea or belief. It helps you focus on the non-significant thing, its non-permanent nature and makes you put things into prospective. For example, focusing on a small worm on the ground can make you think al about its life cycle, its existence, its role in the food chain or the environment, or what happens after it dies. Basically it is just a means of improving your understanding and applying them back to your own life.

3. Breath watching: Just focusing on your own breath as you inhale and exhale, just paying attention to that can miraculously help you relax within minutes. You can block away the wandering thoughts in your mind by focusing on the details of your breathing as you breath in and out with your eyes closed, and a relaxed body.

4. Walking meditation: For some people it is easy to move around than it is to sit in one place. One can even relax while taking stroll by himself. This type of meditation involves paying attention to the movement of your body as you walk and breath alongside. You will be able to feed the contact with the ground and each step you take. This however needs to be done in a quieter place with no people around.

5.Empty mind mediation: This involves emptying all your thoughts, and trying to relax.

6. Mindfulness meditation or insight meditation: This involves being aware of your surroundings and what you have with you virtually as well as physically. It provides a good opportunity to ponder and reflect on one’s life and live the moments the way you want to. It is one of the best techniques that you can use to feel fully aware of what you possess and analyze them at the same time.

There are a few other options such as object meditation. Others may use external aids such as brain wave entertainment etc. Each kind is a little different, the main objective being the same among all. One may try out these and many others, to find what works best for you. Whatever helps your relax and can make you collect your thoughts and your mind, is the way to go.


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