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Various facts about weight loss that you should know


Many people tend to become unsuccessful in their efforts to reduce their weight. They might be able to achieve some short term gains but unhealthy practices such as crash dieting tend to do harm than help in achieve desired results. Further, they may set unrealistic goals which are difficult to achieve and they may get frustrated when such goals are not met. Below are provided some facts related to weight loss which must be kept in mind before starting your efforts for reducing weight.

1. Set realistic targets: Burning excess weight is a difficult and time consuming process. You must realize this before setting any target of reducing weight. People tend to set target of reducing up to ten pounds a week which is next to impossible. Even if they tend to lose few pounds by excessive exercise and dieting, they would invite a number of problems such as dehydration, loss of muscles, weakness etc.

2. Quick fix products do not work: There are thousands of products which claim to help you in losing weight quickly. But since weight can’t be put in matter of days, it can’t be reduced in the same time. The claims of weight loss pills and liquids have little scientific research support. Although some of them might have been developed as a result of intense scientific research, it is advised to check out with a nutrition expert or a physician before going for them.

3. Use packaged foods with care: This is because such food items contain certain chemicals which are needed to stabilize them to have a long shelf life. Such chemicals may or may not be digestible for the body. In fact, they can result in certain unfavorable reactions in the body. Thus, before eating any such packaged food, it is very important that you take advice from a physician so as to prevent any unwanted reaction in your body.

4. No gain without pain: The age old principle holds true for reducing weight as well. You can’t expect the weight that you have put on in long time duration to get dissolve by consuming a pill. You would need to indulge in some serious physical activity such as exercising, walking instead of driving, aerobics etc in order to reduce weight. Further, reduction of weight is not a one time activity. Instead, you would have to maintain your activity by mixing smart exercise with low fat diet. Otherwise your weight may increase after you have stopped your efforts.

5. Spot reduction is not possible: This is because the fats get stored in an even manner and distributed all over the body in equal proportions. When you start making any physical effort, the fats all over the body get utilized to provide the required energy. Further, the fats which are consumed last are utilized first to release energy. Even if you may be able to reduce more fat from one region of the body as compared to other parts, it would start looking odd.



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