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Various food items that can help you in weight loss


Our body requires a certain amount of calories in order to maintain the various body processes, physical movement and the activities that we may indulge in throughout the day. Every individual performs different set of activities every day and needs different amount of calories. For example some one who has to perform physical labor would need to consume a larger number of calories than someone who travels with the help of a vehicle and has to do computer based work which requires long sitting hours.

Different food items have different amount of calories. For instance, potatoes have higher amount of calories than fruits such as oranges. You have to choose the food items on the basis of your physical activity so as to maintain the calories that you consume every day so as to maintain your weight. In fact, weight loss is not a one time activity but the weight has to be maintained at a certain suitable level.

Importance of fruits in our diet: Fruits contain very small amount of calories. Further, different fruits contain different amounts of essential nutrients. For example oranges are rich in Vitamin C and apples are rich in iron. Consuming these fruits will not only satisfy your hunger, these would provide you essential nutrients without loading you with calories.

Role of non vegetarian items in gaining weight: Some food items such as red meat are rich in calories. Besides, oils having high calorie content are used in preparation of meat which adds to its already high calorie content. Pork, which is prepared from pigs, is notoriously high in calories. Further, you can avoid food items such as burgers, pizzas and hot dogs which employ beef, pork etc. Besides loading you with calories, these food items do not have any nutritional benefits.

Carbonated drinks: Carbonated drinks are consumed with great interest all over the world. However, not many of us are aware of the health risks that are created by such drinks. This is because during preparation of such drinks, sugar is used leisurely. Instead of quenching hunger, these tend to dehydrate the body thus, fuelling more thirst and you are compelled into drinking more of such drinks. Instead of these, you can try out coconut water, green tea etc.

Alcohol: Alcohol in any form contains loads of calories. If you keep on consuming alcohol in large quantity regularly and do not indulge in any serious physical activity, it can lead to storage of calories in the body and in turn, lead to increase in weight.

Avoid stuffing of your plate with different food items: People tend to add a number of food items to have a sense of fullness of stomach. This is unhealthy habit as they consume more than they can digest. Such food remains un-utilized and leads to increase in weight, if not combined with proper exercise. One can taste all food items at different times and in moderate quantities so as to satisfy his or her taste buds and prevent unnecessary consumption of these food items.


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