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Workplace Stress Relief Tips

In today’s world of 12 hour work days, long commutes, and demanding bosses stress is higher then ever, and with the current economic crisis it doesn’t look as if it will be getting better anytime soon. But did you know that work related stress can actually cause physical problems with your body? You may have noticed that lingering headache, or sore shoulders, both symptoms of chronic stress brought on my overwork.

However, we can’t all just retire early and head the the Florida Keys for a little R&R. So what is the solution? There are actually several little tips you can follow to help cope with workplace stress, guaranteed to bring you relief, and maybe even improve your performance in the office.

1. Get Into Scents. Aromatherapy has long been regarded as a natural, safe alternative to the prescription anti-anxieties handed out by so many doctors like candy. Try mixing a drop of Clary sage, lavender, of chamomile in a boiling cup of water and leave it at your desk. Not only will it relieve stress, but lavender works as an anti-bacterial, so it can help stop some of those nasty work-germs that can cause illness.

2. Switch to Tea. I know it will sound unappealing to a lot of us coffeeholics, but ditching the beans could prove a priceless method to ease your tension. The sudden boosts of energy may seem great at first, and may even seem like the only thing that is keeping you going, but the truth is those sudden drops could be doing a lot more harm then good. Try a nice cup of Indian black or red tea for the same kind of pick-me-up without the caffeine. Look for our articles on top stress relief teas for additional information.

3. Take A Break! I am one of those people that can keep working for hours on end without stopping for more then a quick trip to the bathroom, and I will be the first to skip my breaks. But this is a very bad idea. Not only will your performance suffer, but your stress level will go through the roof if you don’t take a little time in between projects to let yourself rest. So take those little breaks offered to you, and a decent sized lunch as well. A half hour here and there won’t hurt you, but missing them can.

4. Squeeze ’em! It may sound silly, but stress balls are extremely therapeutic, especially if you have the kind of job that has you gritting your teeth behind a smile to remain polite (which may as well be all of us!). Having something to squeeze when your having some trouble keeping your cool may be just what you need to keep from snapping at a client, or talking back to your boss.

See? Nice, simple methods to keeping stress down at work do exist, and while some people may be thinking they are too easy to really make a difference should give them a quick try. After all, none of them will take much time and effort, so what do you have to lose? Besides the headaches, of course.

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  1. Roberto Peel

    Surely stress is what you think about a situation not the situation itself. These tips may help deal with the symptoms but ignore the causes. They do not provide long term relief from stress. The best way of dealing with stress is to either identify the cause and do something about eliminating or reducing the stressor , alternatively if one can’t eliminate it one needs to change the way one thinks about it. This can be by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or by some other way of testing and changing perceptions.

    December . 12 . 08
  2. elizabeth

    I agree, nice simple methods can relieve stress at work.

    December . 12 . 08
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    June . 06 . 11

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